Alumni & Friends - Ways to get involved and give back

Client Groups

Academic Advising & Career Centre Sharron Cohan
Academic Human Resources Support & Inquiries Disha Kapoor
AccessAbility Services Sharron Cohan
Admissions & Student Recruitment Marilyn Kwan
Anthropology Cindy MacMillan
Arts & Events Programming Kim Gregory
Arts & Science Co-op Programs Sokit Kwan
Arts, Culture and Media, Department of Kim Gregory
Athletics & Recreation Sokit Kwan
Biological Sciences, Department of Aliyyah Merali
Business Development & Operations Marilyn Kwan
Business, Operations & Strategic Affairs, Office of Bellmia Ravindran
Campus Safety & Security Bellmia Ravindran
Caretaking (Facilities Management) Bellmia Ravindran
Community Police Bellmia Ravindran
Computer & Mathematical Sciences, Department of Cindy MacMillan
Critical Development Studies, Centre for Cindy MacMillan
Culinaria Research Centre Bernadette Fenton
Design and Construction Management Aliyyah Merali
Development and Alumni Relations Aliyyah Merali
Doris McCarthy Art Gallery Bernadette Fenton
English, Department of Aliyyah Merali
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Office of Cindy MacMillan
Facilities Management: Administration Marilyn Kwan
Financial Aid & Awards Marilyn Kwan
Financial Services Aliyyah Merali
Food & Beverage Services Marilyn Kwan
Global Disability Studies, Centre for Bernadette Fenton
Grounds (Facilities Management) Bellmia Ravindran
Health & Wellness Centre Sokit Kwan
Health and Society, Department of Cindy MacMillan
Historical and Cultural Studies, Department of Kim Gregory
Human Geography, Department of Cindy MacMillan
Human Resource Services Desma Charlemagne-Michel
Information & Instructional Technology Services Cindy MacMillan
International Academic Initiatives Bernadette Fenton
Language Studies, Department of Sokit Kwan
Leigha Lee Brown Theatre Kim Gregory
Library Services Sharron Cohan
Maintenance (Facilities Management) Bellmia Ravindran
Management Co-op Programs Aliyyah Merali
Management, Department of Aliyyah Merali
Marketing & Communications Sokit Kwan
Miller Lash House Marilyn Kwan
Parking Services Bellmia Ravindran
Partnerships Bellmia Ravindran
Philosophy, Department of Kim Gregory
Physical & Environmental Sciences, Department of Cindy MacMillan
Political Science, Department of Cindy MacMillan
Power Plant (Facilities Management) Marilyn Kwan
Printing - Academic Printing and Custom Publishing Services Marilyn Kwan
Psychology, Department of Aliyyah Merali
Registrar, Office of the Marilyn Kwan
Research Associates Disha Kapoor
Residence Maintenance (Facilities Management) Bellmia Ravindran
Retail & Conference Services Marilyn Kwan
Sociology, Department of Cindy MacMillan
Stores (Facilities Management) Bellmia Ravindran
Student Experience and Wellbeing, Office of Sharron Cohan
Student Housing & Residence Life Sharron Cohan
Sustainability Office Marilyn Kwan
Teaching & Learning, Centre for Cindy MacMillan
Vice-President & Principal, Office of Sokit Kwan
Vice-Principal (Academic) & Dean, Office of Bernadette Fenton
Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation, Office of Marilyn Kwan
Vivarium Research Facility (Animal Facilities) Marilyn Kwan
Writing Centre Cindy MacMillan