Policies and Guidelines

Financial Policies and Guidelines


Administrative Accountability

As a leading public institution, we have a common goal at the University of Toronto of exemplary financial management of both public and private funds. With the completion of annual accountability reports, we maintain our commitment to high standards of quality financial management both across the University, and in every division.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy (UTSC)

Any on-campus hosted event that includes the provision of alcohol must follow the University’s Alcohol Policy.

Compensation Framework, FAQ and Process Flowchart The compensation framework guidelines aim to: remove barriers and clarify processes when working with community members from within Canada, including community partners from Scarborough and the Durham region, and Indigenous Elders and Knowledge keepers; appropriately value the knowledges and contributions these individuals bring; and plan proactively for culturally appropriate compensation and related supports.  Please ensure that staff/faculty who are working with community members are aware of this resource when planning, and that departmental processes are updated to reflect these guidelines.
Delegation of signing authority Find out how to delegate authorization to approve transactions.

Financial Archives and Records Management

Information related to the University of Toronto file plan and destruction of records.

Financial Management Objectives & Responsibility

Objectives and Responsibilities are intended for use by administrators in both academic and administrative departments. This section sets out the objectives of financial management within a framework of relevant functions. The distribution of related responsibilities may vary from division to division and department to department. It is hoped the distribution presented herein will provide useful guidance to new administrators undertaking the task of organizing their units for effective financial management.

Guide to Financial Management

This guide is a key resource for financial administrators, staff and faculty on how to handle financial related matters at the University of Toronto.

Hospitality Guideline (UTSC)
The UTSC Guidelines for Business Entertainment are designed to provide guidance on spending for business entertainment purposes for employees and non-employees. They have been approved and endorsed by members of the UTSC Executive and are now in effect. The accompanying process flowchart will hopefully clarify and/or provide direction when the guidelines are not followed.  We encourage you to review the guidelines and request clarification as needed.

HST Policies

Information related to HST.

HST FAQs and Tax Codes

Answers to frequently asked questions about HST including a list of HST tax codes.

Payments to individuals - Employee versus Independent Contractor and Taxation of Payments (HRIS vs FIS) Should my payment to an individual be processed through FIS or HRIS? Determining whether someone is an "Employee" or an "Independent Contractor".
Professional Expense Reimbursement Allowance

The Professional Expense Reimbursement Allowance (PERA) is an annual amount available to Faculty and Librarians who are governed by the Memorandum of Agreement between the University of Toronto and UTFA. Goods acquired from this fund are the property of the University of Toronto.


Research Policy  Description
University of Toronto Research and Innovation Information for Faculty and Staff related to Research.
Research Policies, Guidelines and Procedures Policies, Guidelines and Procedures related to research and innovation at the University of Toronto.
Canada Research Chairs Administration Guide  
Procurement Policies Description
University of Toronto Procurement Services The leadership for the purchasing of goods and services at the University of Toronto is primarily the responsibility of Procurement Services. 
Purchasing Policy and Thresholds The policy outlines the purchasing authority, thresholds, and process that shall be followed when acquiring goods and services.
Procurement Services Code of Ethics The goal is to ensure an ethical, professional and accountable procurement program at the University of Toronto. 
Policy on Approval and Execution of Contracts and Documents An outline of the policy surrounding the approval and signing authority for specific classes of contracts and documents of any value.
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Each Purchase Order placed by buyer for goods and/or services is subject to these standard purchase terms and the terms of the applicable Purchase Order, and is conditional upon Supplier’s agreement to such terms.