Bank Deposits

Financial Services serves as a central coordinating department to:

  • Process banking reports prepared by University of Toronto Scarborough departments.
  • Supply sealed plastic bags and deposit slips for bank deposits.
  • Assist with banking questions and act as liaison with the CIBC or Financial Services, St. George.
  • Assist with banking arrangements for merchant or subordinate accounts.
  • Assist with wire transfers.

For additional information on the University's policies and procedures with respect to Cash, Other Receipts and Banking, please see the Guide to Financial Management.


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What deposits are made by the University of Toronto Scarborough departments?

All cash receipts with exception of official accounts receivable invoices should be managed and deposited at the department level.

Where can I find the banking deposit form?

The form to request processing of bank deposits is the Direct Bank Deposit Form located on the University of Toronto Financial Services website.

As an individual responsible for cash and banking for my department what are my key responsibilities?

Objectives and responsibilities for cash and banking are located on the University of Toronto Financial Services website.