Insurance Claims

Financial Services acts as Liaison between UTSC and Risk Management and Insurance at STG in resolving insurance claims arising at UTSC.  FS should be contacted immediately to commence the insurance claim process.

To submit a claim, the claimant department must obtain and forward to Financial Services the following:

  1. Completed Property Damage Incident Report.  To access this form, please visit the Risk Management and Insurance Department's website
  2. Copy of the U of T Scarborough Police Service incident report (if damage is due to theft or break-in)
  3. Itemized list of damaged or stolen items
  4. Police scene photographs, if possible.

Please submit all documents to the Marina Zubkov, Financial and Budget Analyst, to coordinate the review and processing of the insurance claim with the Claims Administrator at Risk Management and Insurance at STG.

For more information on the University's policies and procedures with respect to managing risk and insurance, please refer to Risk Management and Insurance Department or the Guide to Financial Management.


For inquiries related to insurance claims please contact Marina Zubkov, or Larry Whatmore.