Administrative Management System (AMS)

The University of Toronto’s main resource for management of information is the Administrative Management Systems (AMS). The three key components of AMS used by financial staff at U of T Scarborough include:

  • FIS – Financial Information System
  • HRIS – Human Resources Information System
  • RIS – Research Information System

FIS is the main repository of data used by U of T Scarborough for financial management and reporting functions. The primary functions of FIS include:

  • Recording of all financial transactions in general ledger accounts
  • Generating financial reports to meet management and statutory requirements
  • Controlling overall spending through budgetary controls embedded in the system
  • Generating the university's financial statements

HRIS is the Universities application related to human resources and payroll management. For more information and training materials related to HRIS please visit the HR Systems Training & Support Centre website.

RIS is the University's database related to research applications. The Research Information System contains data on all research grants and contracts administered through the University and through affiliated hospitals. More information and training materials related to RIS is located on the Research and Innovation website.

Financial Services provides the following services with respect to FIS:

  • Coordinating the addition, changes and deletion of FIS access for all staff at U of T Scarborough.
  • Assisting where necessary with resetting AMS passwords
  • Preparing requests for new e-tokens and replacement SecurID cards
  • Acting as liaison for resolving U of T Scarborough user access issues with the Department of Administrative Management Systems and the Financial Advisory Services and Training, St. George
  • Providing training and support on FIS functionality and reports
  • Setting up new Cost Centres, Fund Centres, or Internal Orders.  


For inquiries and services required for AMS please contact