The Financial Services Department at the University of Toronto is responsible ONLY for processing approved invoices into the Universities Financial Information system. 

Please see below a list of the frequently asked questions from external vendors. If your question does not appear below or you require further assistance please contact Accounts Payable.


Invoices should be mailed directly to the department which ordered the good or service.

Invoices which do not contain the following information in the MAILING address may be delayed being redirected to departments for proper approval. 


Attention: Customer X, 

UTSC: Department of “XXX”, Building X, Room X

1265 Military Trail

Scarborough, Ontario, M1C 1A4

If you would like to email your invoice please ask the individual ordering for the email address for the Business Officer of the Department.


The University’s normal payments terms are net 35 days from the invoice date. University cheque runs are weekly and payments are mailed to vendors though Canada Post. Current Canada post delivery times are located on the Canada Post website.

The first point of contact should be with the individual who ordered the goods or services. Please ask this individual for contact information for the Departments Business Officer or Financial Officer for assistance determining the status of payment related to your invoice.