Processing Status

Processing status for the current period.

Document Type Processing Documents Received On Next Payment Date
Expense Reimbursements - Direct Deposit      Monday   Friday (same week)
Expense Reimbursements - Cheque      Wednesday   Wednesday (following week)
Certified Invoices      Friday   Wednesday (following week)
Cheque Requests      Friday   Wednesday (following week)
Purchase Order Invoices      Thursday   Wednesday (following week)
Petty Cash Replenishment      Wednesday   Wednesday (following week)
Imprest Account Replenishment      Wednesday   Wednesday (following week)

FAQ Processing Status

Requests to look up the status of submitted documents (which are not beyond the above time-line) will not be responded to as these documents are likely in the queue for processing.

Please note the above processing dates reflect documents which are in compliance with the GTFM. Please allow 5-7 business days beyond this guideline for documents being returned to the department for processing/compliance issues. 

If your documentation was submitted before the above dates, please follow the instructions provided on the Financial Services website and select the DEMO “How to check if an invoice has been processed if the document number is not known”.

This method can also be used to identify if other documents have been processed. Please use the following guideline to use as the search criteria in the “reference number” field. The use of “*” before and/or after the search criteria will search for anything entered before or after what is entered in the search field. You can also narrow your search by including the fiscal year and document type in your search. The reference number field is not case sensitive.

  • Certified and Purchase Order Invoices – Enter the actual invoice number in the reference field.
  • Expense reports – At UTSC expense reports are processed with the reference number “lastname.first initial”. This is true unless the last name of the individual is more than 16 characters. If this is the case, the first 16 letters of the last name are entered as the reference number.  Example: smith.J
  • Journal Entries – Processed with the reference number provided by the department on the JE. Example: SCFS19-001.
  • Banking Reports – Processed with the reference number provided by the department on the JE.  SCFS-123
  • Accounts Receivable – AR invoices and credits are processed by St. George with the AR invoice number provided on the invoice.
  • Petty Cash & Imprest Account replenishments - Processed with the reference number provided by the department. Example: SCFS-123

If any of the required documentation has not been processed, please submit it for processing with an original signed document.


To find out all journal entries for one reference number entered for a particular fiscal year, enter the fiscal year as part of the search criteria and use the wildcard at the end of the general reference number. Example: Enter 2019 as fiscal year and SCFS* for all entries with this reference number prefix.

To find out if a cheque has been produced for the invoice please follow the instructions below or go visit the Financial Services FAQs.

  1. Menu Path: Accounting >> Financial Accounting >> Accounts Payable >> Document >> Display
  2. Double click on the vendor line item (line item 1).
  3. Click on Environment >> Check Information
    1. If check information is grayed out (not available), a cheque has not been issued yet.
    2. If there is a cheque number and payment date, a cheque has been issued.
    3. If there is a cheque encashment date, the cheque has been cashed by the vendor.

If you require a stop payment and a reissue of a cheque due to the vendor not receiving the payment, requesting a stop payment to be placed on the cheque and include the document number the invoice was processed within the email.

Exceptions may apply due to volume, statutory holidays and staffing.

ACCEPTED urgent payments include:

  1. Past due invoices - must be past the net 35 days payment term
  2. Utility payments (gas, hydro, water, property taxes etc.)

Urgent payments received after this deadline will not be processed until the next available cheque production date.