Ancillary & Self-Funded Budgets

Financial Services leads the annual budget preparation and review process for service ancillary and self-funded units, and coordinates the submission of operating plans and rates for approval to various stakeholders and governing bodies, which include:

  • Service Ancillary Review Group
  • Council on Student Services
  • University Affairs Board
  • Business Board
  • UTSC Campus Affairs Committee
  • UTSC Campus Council
  • Executive Committee

Highlight of services:

  • Assisting assessor presentations to UTSC Campus Affairs Committee and Campus Council.
  • Ensuring the ancillary budgets meet Service Ancillary Review Group financial guidelines.
  • Ensuring student service fee departments adhere to the Policy for Compulsory Non-Academic Incidental Fees and the Long-Term Protocol on the Increase of Introduction of Compulsory Non-tuition Related Fees.
  • Ensuring Co-Op fees and operating plans adhere to the Policy on Ancillary Fees and Ministry guidelines on the use of co-operative program fees.
  • Ensure ancillary and self-funded operations adhere to the Guide to Financial Management.
  • Preparing financial and pricing models for the budget analysis of new initiatives to ensure viability including NPV, break-even, payback period, and discounted cash flows.
  • Audit current and long-term operating plans for completeness and viability of the various operations' financial endeavors.
  • Researching and preparing budget information including the annual review of overheads, transfer price agreements, service agreements, etc.
  • Responding to budget and accounting related inquiries from ancillary operations, student services, Co-op Programs, and Financial Services, St. George.
  • Performing business case analysis and drafting reports and proposals.
  • Researching and providing ad hoc taxation information for new business initiatives.
  • Drafting standard operating procedures for new processes and initiatives.
  • Facilitating strategic mapping and planning exercise for business units.
  • Special Projects as requested.

Ancillary & Self-Funded Budgets

Ancillary and Self-Fund Budget Areas


Service Ancillaries

Food & Beverage Services
Parking Services
Retail & Conference Services
Student Housing & Residence Life


Aileen Cabrera/Larry Whatmore

Business Development

Aileen Cabrera/Larry Whatmore

Student Services

Carmina Elefano/Larry Whatmore

Student Centre and SCSU

Carmina Elefano/Larry Whatmore

Co-Op Programs

Carmina Elefano/Larry Whatmore

Centennial Joint Programs

Carmina Elefano/Larry Whatmore


Carmina Elefano/Aileen Cabrera/Larry Whatmore

University Leases & Agreements

Larry Whatmore

For more information on the University's policies and procedures related to budgeting, please refer to the Guide to Financial Management on Ancillary Operations.


For inquiries related to ancillary & self-funded budgets please contact Larry WhatmoreAileen Cabrera, or Carmina Elefano