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Biological Sciences EDI Statement

The Department of Biological Sciences acknowledges the barriers that people of colour and other marginalized groups face, particularly in science and academia. As a department, we are highly committed to creating a welcoming scientific community where everyone feels safe, comfortable participating, and which provides the necessary support to thrive. We acknowledge and are disheartened that Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities are, and always have been, disproportionately impacted by systemic racism and face barriers within academia. In August 2020, our department formed an equity and inclusion task force that will meet regularly to discuss equity and inclusion and enact improvements to our departmental practices by actively engaging with the literature on best practices, and seeking ongoing input from all members of the department including students, post-doctoral fellows, staff and faculty. Among our main priorities will be a commitment to hire and support faculty and staff that are representative of our diverse student population, and to promote a departmental culture that will foster inclusive teaching and research excellence.

Bio Sci EDI Committee Members: Rene Harrison, Jonathon Burnie, Deka Mohamed, Brandon Yu, Ivana Stehlik, Bebhinn Treanor, Aarthi Ashok, Scott MacIvor, Adam Mott, Karolyn Keir, Mauricio Terebiznik

Current Initiatives

Develop Bio Sci scholarship for black and indigenous high school students

Increase BIPOC faculty hires

Develop best faculty mentorship practices for equity deserving groups

Develop EDI curriculum content for Bio Sci for undergraduate courses

Distribute signage of our anti-racist policies in the Science Buildings

Create a Biology “safe space” to address discriminatory activities