Vice-Principal Research & Innovation

Bernie Kraatz


From its early beginnings, this campus, as an integral part of the University of Toronto, has inspired and educated students to become problem solvers of tomorrow. Together with our world-class faculty, we offer breadth and depth, spanning a wide spectrum of disciplines, with a commitment to excellence. Our academic community of scholars creates an environment that brings together our students with leading humanists, social scientists, artists and scientists to challenge ideas and focus on problems that matter.

Our outstanding research environment is deeply embedded in the university’s long history. And we are on a path to continue to provide and further enhance the strength of our research enterprise by hiring the best faculty, admitting top students at all levels, providing innovative academic programs and educating the scientific minds of tomorrow.

The quality of our students is critically linked to the quality of our research. At U of T Scarborough, our faculty consists of thought leaders who are recognized for excellence in their fields. And we are committed to students getting research experience as early as possible. Our Research Catalogue provides undergraduate students access to an amazing database of research opportunities and integrates them into the research enterprise of our institution. As part of our commitment to bringing innovation to life, The Hub provides an innovation space where students from across the disciplines can explore ideas and launch successful businesses – and become part of the wider experience that University of Toronto Entrepreneurship offers.

At U of T Scarborough, our vision is simultaneously local and global. Our collective promise to our students, our city, the eastern Greater Toronto Area, and indeed the world is to deepen knowledge and uncover innovations that push the frontiers of human conditions. Our research strengths span areas as diverse as nanomaterials, environmental pollutants, neuroscience and clinical psychology, health studies, city studies and culinary history. It is this diverse expertise, nestled in interdisciplinary and international collaboration, that enables us to tackle climate change, poverty, health and other societal issues that challenge humanity right now. It is this expertise that makes us proud to co-create communities, advocate for change, and push the frontiers of science.

On this website, you’ll discover a small fraction of the exciting work we’re doing to tackle these issues here at Canada’s leading university. We invite you to follow our research news and share in this exciting world of discovery and impact.


H. Bernie Kraatz

Professor and Vice-Principal Research & Innovation