On this page you will find key information to support research excellence from the initial stages. This includes eligibility to hold research funds, new faculty research onboarding information, collaboration & partnerships, compliance & ethics in research, and EDI in research & innovation.

New Faculty Onboarding: Getting Started in Research

Explore the New Faculty Onboarding: Getting Started in Research & Innovation at the University of Toronto guide created by the Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI) U of T to help you get oriented to research-specific resources and processes as you transition to your new role at UTSC.

Please consult the following links for other important information:

  • UTSC Internal Funding Programs – curated list of internal funding opportunities at UTSC including starter grants to kick off your research
  • CRIS Resource Hub – U of T’s Centre for Research & Innovation supports including tools and training
  • The Canadian Common CV (CCV) -web-based application that provides researchers with a single, common approach to gathering CV information required by a network of federal, provincial and not-for-profit research funding organizations.

Please contact the following OVPRI staff for more information:

  • Jason Darby - Fundingopportunities for faculty in the sciences, mathematics, and computer science, Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) applications
  • Anika Mifsud - Funding opportunities for faculty in the social sciences and humanities
  • Tim Nieguth - Funding opportunities for faculty in the health-fields and arts, including CIHR
  • Sharon George – UTSC Canada Research Chair Program

Conception of a Research Idea

The research process begins with an idea that is refined to identify a research problem, and research questions or hypotheses are formulated from the research problem. Before embarking on a research project, understand who can be a Principal Investigator (PI) at the University of Toronto.

Here are some strategic documents and initiatives to frame your research question or agenda (if applicable):


Partnership can be an excellent way of deepening your research and disseminating the knowledge created. You can partner with other researchers, community groups, foundations, the private sector, governments, non-governmental organizations, policy-makers, and others. Please consult the following for partnership information:

Please contact the following OVPRI Research Partnership Officers for more information

  • Brice RousseauPartnerships and agreements including MITACS related to social sciences and humanities
  • Suhail Asrar - Partnerships and agreements including MITACS related to the sciences, mathematics and computer science

EDI in Research & Innovation

Please visit the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Research & Innovation page for more information

Compliance & Ethics

Please see Compliance & Ethics page for more information