Develop and submit proposal

A well-written and skillfully prepared proposal is vital to the success of an application for research funding. This page provides information and resources on how to develop a proposal, prepare your budget, research data management planning, knowledge mobilization, and the MRA system for proposal submission.

Develop Proposal

To be successful, a funding proposal must address an important and timely problem, and explain how it will do so, fill a knowledge gap, and include a timeline of activities.

The OVPRI assists faculty in developing proposals by providing the following services:

  • Help researchers identify relevant funding opportunities.
  • Review services, including the budget, all required internal forms, documents and forms required by sponsor, compliance with all sponsor and institutional guidelines.
  • Vetting and editing all sections of the proposal.

For partnership information, please consult:

Please contact the OVPRI Research Administration & Partnership Officers for assistance and more information.

Other resources available to researchers in developing and reviewing proposals:

Develop a Budget

Plan your budget carefully, keeping in mind the financial needs of your proposed research project, eligibility of research expenses as defined by the sponsor and U of T. Contact your departmental business officer for the university’s current pay rate for human personnel.  Please consult the following to understand the different associated costs and category of cost to consider an expense:

  • Develop a Budget for more information on common costs including compensation for different groups such as students and postdoctoral fellows, non-student personnel, specialized expenses and budget justification.
  • Direct Costs considerations including salaries & wages, materials & supplies, equipment, travel, services and others.
  • Indirect Costs considerations including infrastructure, insurance environmental & safety monitoring, ongoing regulatory & certification requirements and others.
  • Considerations for Budget Preparation in Foreign Currency
  • Publication Discounts including discounts offered by the University of Toronto libraries for article processing charges to make your research openly available.

Other resources:

Research Data Management

There are several stages to managing your data effectively, including managing data consent forms, how to keep your data secure, building a data management plan, how to encrypt data, how to handle sensitive data, publishing, and preserving data.

Different funders have different policies on how long to keep data and how long it must be available to other researchers. Please see the Library's Research Data Management website and CRIS Digital Research Infrastructure portal for more information.

Knowledge Mobilization

A Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Strategy is often required by major funders. KMb consists of all activities and outputs that makes research accessible to a wider audience.

Please consult the following for more information:

EDI in Research & Innovation

Please visit the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Research & Innovation page for more information.

Submit Proposal


My Research Applications (MRA) is an automated system for internal review and endorsement of research applications. The application will flow through a defined electronic review and approval process and includes the submission of request for non-funded agreements, such as Material Transfer Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc.  Faculty members will be asked to submit their proposal and budget on the MRA in advance of the sponsor deadline and will also need to submit their applications on the external sponsor site.

Please note that there is an earlier submission deadline on MRA for faculty at UTSC.


Please consult the following for more information: