Vice-Principal Research – Professor H. Bernie Kraatz



  • The Vice-Principal Research is responsible for enhancing the overall research stature of the University of Toronto Scarborough locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The Vice-Principal Research works closely with the Vice-President Research to ensure that U of T Scarborough's research activities are coordinated and aligned with the broader research vision of the University of Toronto.
  • The Office of the Vice-Principal Research aims to serve in a facilitation role to assist U of T Scarborough faculty and students in achieving their research aspirations, and to help faculty develop and implement broad strategic research visions at U of T Scarborough. The Office serves as a liaison with the University of Toronto Research Services Office (RSO), Innovations and Partnerships Office (IPO) and Research Oversight and Compliance Office (ROCO).

Zahra Bhanji


Director – Dr. Zahra Bhanji



Contact Zahra for matters related to:

  • U of T Scarborough research planning, services and infrastructure including Vivarium
  • Office of the Vice-Principal Research operations, programs and initiatives
  • Research communications, partnerships and innovation activities
  • U of T Scarborough governance activities related to the Office of the Vice-Principal Research including Chairs and Directors and the Research Advisory Board 

Michael Manley

Research Operations & Financial Officer – Michael Manley



Contact Michael for matters related to:

  • Internal, operational aspects of the U of T Scarborough research enterprise
  • U of T Scarborough internal research funding initiatives
  • Research space and infrastructure
  • Office of the Vice-Principal Research financial accounts including New Faculty Start up fund, The Hub and Vivarium
  • Research performance indicators, impacts and profile
  • Research communications

Suzanne Jaeger

Research Administration Officer – Dr. Suzanne Jaeger



Contact Suzanne for matters related to:

  • University of Toronto internal research funding programs (e.g. Connaught)
  • External research funding opportunities for faculty in the social sciences and humanities
  • Research administration and communication of funding opportunities
  • Vice-Principal Research approval on My Research Applications electronic approval system (MRA)
  • Research policies and procedural issues
  • External research awards and honours
  • Research communications and partnerships
  • Undergraduate student research funding programs (e.g. USRA, UTEA)

Research Administration Officer – Dr. Monica M. Caverson



Contact Monica for matters related to:

  • External research funding & partnership opportunities for faculty in the sciences
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • Canada Research Chairs
  • Awards & Honours: external national and international awards & honours
  • UTSC Faculty Research Awards: Principal's Research Award; Research Excellence Faculty Scholars; Research Recognition Award
  • Vice-Principal Research approval on My Research Applications (MRA) electronic approval system
  • Faculty Bridge Funding
  • Undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral research funding programs

Magdalena Goledzinowska

Knowledge Mobilization & Special Projects Officer – Dr. Magdalena Goledzinowska



Contact Magdalena for matters related to:

  • Research communications including the Office of Vice-Principal Research Annual Report
  • Office of Vice-Principal Research website
  • Research faculty resource wiki
  • Research administration supports

Kristine Peruzzi

Assistant to the Vice-Principal Research – Kristine Peruzzi



Contact Kristine for matters related to:

  • Vice-Principal Research schedule and activities
  • Acquiring the Vice-Principal Research’s signature
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant Program and Research Impact Fund
  • Office financial processing
  • Office of the Vice-Principal Research meetings and events 

Michelle Wodzak-Staruch

Vivarium Manager – Michelle Wodzak-Staruch



Contact Michelle for all matters related to the Vivarium including:

  • Day to day Vivarium operations
  • Preclinical Study Planning
  • Facility Orientation and Badge Access
  • Animal Imports, Orders and Transport
  • Technical Services
  • Equipment Rental
  • Procedure Room Scheduling
  • Diagnostics
  • Special Orders (Pharmaceuticals, Diets)
  • SOPs, Guidelines, Policies and Forms

Gray Graffam


Director, The Hub – Dr. Gray Graffam



Contact Gray for all matters related to The Hub:

  • Programming in the best practices of early-stage entrepreneurship, including Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Zero to One
  • Work space for University of Toronto Scarborough students to engage with each other in the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities for students to work on real hands-on projects that offer research and entrepreneurial in collaboration with academic departments, industry and academic partners
  • University of Toronto students and recent alumni who wish to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship as part of their future career path

Strategic Coordinator & Business Advisor, The Hub –Donovan Dill


Contact Donovan for the following matters related to The Hub:

  • Coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs beginning their journey in The Hub
  • Business consulting to entrepreneurs looking to expand their activities