Organizational Chart

Organizational Structure of the Office of the Vice-Principal Research

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Vice-President Research & Innovation, University of Toronto: Vivek Goel

Vice-President & Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough: Wisdom Tettey

  • Vice-Principal Research: Professor H. Bernie Kraatz
    • Assistant to the Vice-Principal Research: Kristine Peruzzi
    • Director, The Hub: Dr. Gray Graffam
      • Strategic Coordinator & Business Advisor: Donovan Dill
    • Director: Dr. Zahra Bhanji
      • Research Operations & Financial Officer: Michael Manley
      • Research Administration Officer: Dr. Monica M. Caverson
      • Research Administration Officer: Dr. Suzanne Jaeger
      • Knowledge Mobilization & Special Projects Officer: Dr. Magdalena Goledzinowska
      • Vivarium Manager: Michelle Wodzak-Staruch
        • Vivarium Lab Technician Casual
        • Vivarium Technologist I
        • Vivarium Lab Technician II Part-Time
        • Vivarium Lab Technician II Part-Time
        • Vivarium Technologist IV