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Conference Participation and Publication Fund (CPPF) July 15, 2024
Sponsorship Requests for Academic and Research Events July 15, 2024


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CIHR Catalyst Grant: Community Based Research in Climate Change Priority Areas
This CIHR funding opportunity supports the partnered work of communities and researchers in knowledge development and capacity-building initiatives to combat the differential health impacts of climate change. Research areas include: climate justice, alternative diagnoses of Lyme disease, food security in Northern communities, and health impacts of climate change on older adults. The maximum amount per grant is $125,000 per year for up to one year. More information can be found here.

August 14, 2024: Registration Deadline
September 5, 2024: MRA Deadline
September 12, 2024: Sponsor Deadline



SSHRC Impact Awards and Molson Prizes
The SSHRC Impact Award and Molson Prize suites are among Canada's top recognitions for research and creative contributions in the arts, humanities and social sciences. SSHRC Impact Award nominees must hold or have held SSHRC funding relevant to the award category and be in good standing with SSHRC. More information can be found here.

June 12, 2024: Sponsor Deadline


SSHRC Connection Grants
Connection Grants support events and activities geared toward short-term, targeted knowledge mobilization initiatives, including workshops, colloquiums, conferences, forums and summer institutes. The value of this opportunity is $7,000 to $25,000 for events and up to $50,000 for other outreach activities. Questions can be directed to Dr. Anika Mifsud. More information can be found here.

June 12, 2024: MRA Deadline
June 17, 2024: Sponsor Deadline


SSHRC Aid to Scholarly Journals - Update on Delay of Next Funding Opportunity
SSHRC has announced that the next Aid to Scholarly Journals (ASJ) competition will be delayed from summer 2024 to summer 2025, as they say that this delay will allow more time for engagement with the research and journal communities and other stakeholders as the three federal research funding agencies (SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR) conduct a review of the current Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications with the goal of making any peer-reviewed journal articles resulting from agency-supported research freely available, without subscription fee, at the time of publication. That new OA policy will be released by the end of 2025.

For more information please visit the SSHRC ASJ website, and for any questions please contact scholarlyjournals@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca.



NSERC Discovery Horizons
Discovery Horizons grants support investigator-initiated individual and team projects that broadly integrate or transcend disciplines to advance knowledge in the natural sciences and engineering. The value of this opportunity is from $50,000 to $100,000 per year for a duration of five years. More information can be found here.

June 14, 2024: LOI Deadline
October 18, 2024: Sponsor Deadline


Lab2Market Validate Fall 2024 & NSERC I2I Program
This Lab2Market Validate program was developed in partnership with NSERC as an alternative stream to their I2I Market Assessment Grant. This 4-month program offers research teams that wish to be involved in the commercialization activities of their projects the opportunity to assess their technology’s commercial potential themselves rather than outsourcing this activity to an external consultant. More information can be found here (Lab2Market) and here (I2I Market).

June 25, 2024: I2I Market Sponsor Deadline


NSERC - Alliance Option 2 Updates - Increased Funding and Removal of Application Limits
NSERC-Alliance Grants encourage university researchers to collaborate with partner organizations, which can be from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors. As of November 10, 2022, the funding limit request for Alliance Option 2 projects will increase to $1,000,000 per year. Additionally, there will no longer be a limit on the number of applications that researchers can submit. More information can be found here.


NSERC Alliance Grants 
NSERC staff remain accessible to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and would also like to remind you of the resources that are available to support you in preparing an Alliance application. 
Option 1: Currently Open
Option 2: Currently Open


Other Funding Opportunities 

CFI John Evans Leaders Fund - Expressions of Interest
This CFI funding opportunity is provided to institutions to recruit and retain outstanding researchers and to undertake and support innovative research. The UTSC OVPRI is now welcoming Expressions of Interest and will be accepting three applications, with a maximum funding of $200K per project, that fulfill at least one of the following criteria: adding infrastructure to a potential core facility at UTSC, supporting early career faculty and recruiting new researchers to UTSC, and/or retaining outstanding researchers at UTSC. For more information, please visit the OVPRI site, or reach out to researchoffice.utsc@utoronto.ca

June 27, 2024: EOI Deadline


SDGs Scholars Academy - Call for Nominations for Fellows
The SDGs@UofT Institutional Strategic Initiative and the Institutes for Resilient and Inclusive Societies and Ecosystems are pleased to announce the second call for nominations for fellows of the SDGs Scholars Academy. The SDGs Scholars Academy is a think tank that brings together and support a global community of scholars, policy makers and practitioners in open discussion and dialogue to conduct convergence research that disrupts status quo thinking and addresses complex issues crucial to sustainable development. More information can be found here.

August 19, 2024: Nomination Form Deadline


Information Sessions/Talks

CIHR Summer Project Grant Writing Workshop Series 2024
Arts & Science Research Services is pleased to announce the return of the CIHR Summer Project Grant Writing Workshops. All eligible Principal Investigators having a primary budgetary appointment at the University of Toronto who are applying to or considering the CIHR Project Grant competition (Fall 2024 or a future round) are invited to participate. If you are a staff person supporting this competition, you are welcome to join the sessions. Contact Sloane Evariste, Funded Research Officer, Faculty of Arts & Science, with questions.

Session 1: Crafting a Winning CIHR Project Grant Application
June 19, 2024: 1 - 2:30PM
Register Here

Session 2: How to Think Like a Reviewer
July 31, 2024: 1 - 3:00PM
Register Here

Session 3: Peer Review Roundtable
September 4, 2024: 1 - 4:30PM
Register Here


STAR Networking Event: Sharing Perspectives & Strategies in Research Administration
Grow your research administrator network at this in-person STAR networking event. Through presentations and a variety of engaging activities with your peers, you will get a chance to share and learn about different research management roles and approaches. Please note, the STAR events are specifically intended for U of T staff administering research, such as business officers, research administrator/facilitators, strategic research officers, finance-related staff, and faculty. More information can be found here.

June 20, 2024: 10:00AM - 1:30PM
Register Here


Benchmarking Bibliometrics
The Centre for Research & Innovation Support is hosting a webinar on benchmarking bibliometrics. Presenters will explain the practice of benchmarking for supporting research evaluation and demonstrate how to use various bibliometric analysis tools. More information can be found here.

June 21, 2024: 10 - 11:30AM
Register Here


Getting Started with Generative AI for Research: Microsoft Copilot Hands-on Workshop
The Centre for Research & Innovation Support, in collaboration with the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and the Academic, Research & Collaborative Technologies group, is hosting an in-person and interactive workshop on generative AI (GenAI). Presenters will explain how GenAI works and guide attendees through hands-on activities with Microsoft Copilot, a U of T approved GenAI tool. More information can be found here.

June 24, 2024: 1:30 - 3:00PM
Register Here


Preparing an Effective NSERC Discovery Grant Notice of Intent
This presentation will walk through the NSERC Discovery NOI Application, including its purpose, the eligibility of the PI and the subject matter of their research, as well as NSERC information sources. Please join us remotely for this information, as well as a Q&A session with previously successful applicants (TBD). More information can be found here.

June 25, 2024: 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Register Here


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