Maydianne Andrade

Maydianne Andrade
Professor, Canada Research Chair, Vice-Dean
Faculty Affairs and Equity
416-287-7425 (o), 416-287-7124

Research Interests: 

The goal of my research is to understand how the reproductive behaviours of males and females evolve through the interaction of sexual and natural selection in variable ecological contexts, and how this shapes individual phenotypes and population-level characteristics. My work incorporates laboratory and field studies to examine mechanisms of sexual selection, and fitness effects of phenotypic and life history traits that affect mating success.


  • mating systems
  • sexual selection
  • behavioural ecology
  • developmental plasticity

Research Area: Conservation, Ecology & Evolution, Neuroscience & Behvaiour

Current Research

Recent areas of research focus include:

  • Links between developmental plasticity & sexual selection.
  • Mechanisms of chemical & vibratory communication
  • Opportunistic mating tactics & demography
  • Dynamic interactions of inter-male competition & female choice

Teaching Interests: 

  • BIOB51H: Evolutionary Biology
  • BIOD53H: Special topics in Behavioural Ecology
  • EEB 1100: Faculty Research Seminar (Graduate)
  • EEB 1470: Special topics in Integrative Biology (Graduate)