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Exclusion Equivalent Courses

For sessional lecturer candidates, having taught a course that is declared an exclusion equivalent counts as relevant experience.

Course Code

Course Title

St. George EE



BIOA01H3 Life on Earth: Unifying Principles BIO120 & BIO130; BIO152 & BIO153    
BIOA02H3 Life on Earth: Form, Function & Interactions BIO120 & BIO130; BIO152 & BIO153    
BIOB10H3 Cell Biology BIO241   BIOA01  Module 2
BIOB11H3 Molecular Aspects of Cellular & Genetic Processes BIO230   BIOC20
BIOB12H3 Cell & Molecular Biology Laboratory   BIO314  
BIOB32H3 Animal Physiology Laboratory BIO252; BIO270; BIO271 BIO409  
BIOB33H3 Human Development and Anatomy ANA300    
BIOB34H3 Animal Physiology   BIO270 & BIO271 BIO202 BIOA02 Module 2
BIOB35H3 Essentials of Human Physiology PSL201; PSL300; PSL301   BIOC32, BIOC33/BIOC34
BIOB38H3 Plants & Society   BIO203  
BIOB50H3 Ecology (BOTH EEB319 and EEB321) BIO205 BIOA01 Module 3
BIOB51H3 Evolutionary Biology BIO342    
BIOB52H3 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Laboratory      
BIOC10H3 Cell Biology: Proteins from Life to Death      
BIOC12H3 Biochemistry I: Proteins & Enzymes BCH210; BCH242; BCH310   CHMB62
BIOC13H3 Biochemistry II: Bioenergetics & Metabolism BCH210; BCH242; BCH310   CHMB62
BIOC14H3 Genes, Environment & Behaviour      
BIOC15H3 Genetics     BIOA01 Module 3
BIOC16H3 Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics      
BIOC17H3 Microbiology MGY377    
BIOC19H3 Animal Developmental Biology CSB328    
BIOC20H3 Principles of Virology     BIOD20
BIOC21H3 Vertebrate Histology: Cells & Tissues      
BIOC23H3 Practical Approaches to Biochemistry BCH370; BCH371    
BIOC31H3 Plant Development & Biotechnology CSB340    
BIOC32H3 Human Physiology I PSL300    
BIOC33H3 Human Physiology II: Lecture & Laboratory PSL201; PSL301    
BIOC34H3 Human Physiology II: Lecture PSL201; PSL301    
BIOC35H3 Principles in Parasitology      
BIOC37H3 Plants: Life on the Edge EEB340    
BIOC39H3 Immunology IMM350; IMM341; IMM340; IMM351    
BIOC40H3 Plant Physiology BIO251 BIO312  
BIOC50H3 Macroevolution EEB362    
BIOC51H3 Tropical Biodivesity Field Course       
BIOC52H3 Ecology Field Course EEB305    
BIOC54H3 Animal Behaviour EEB322 BIO318Y5, BIO328H5, PSY352H5  
BIOC58H3 Biological Consequences of Global Change EEB428; GGR324    
BIOC59H3 Advanced Population Ecology EEB319    
BIOC60H3 Winter Ecology      
BIOC61H3 Community Ecology & Environmental Biology EEB321    
BIOC62H3 Role of Zoos in Conservation      
BIOC63H3 Conservation Biology (BOTH EEB365 and EEB215) BIO464  
BIOC65H3 Enivironmental Toxicology      
BIOD07H3 Advanced Topics and Methods in Neural Circuit Analysis      
BIOD08H3 Theoretical Neuroscience     NROD08H3
BIOD12H3 Protein Homeostasis      
BIOD17H3 Seminars in Cellular Microbiology      
BIOD19H3 Epigenetics in Health & Disease      
BIOD20H3 Special Topics in Virology      
BIOD21H3 Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory      
BIOD22H3 Molecular Biology of the Stress Response      
BIOD23H3 Special Topics in Cell Biology      
BIOD25H3 Genomics      
BIOD26H3 Fungal Biology & Pathogenesis      
BIOD27H3 Vertebrate Endocrinology      
BIOD29H3 Pathobiology of Human Disease      
BIOD30H3 Plant Research and Biotechnology: Addressing Global Problems      
BIOD33H3 Comparative Animal Physiology     BIOC33/BIOC34
BIOD35H3 Sports Science      
BIOD37H3 Biology of Plant Stress      
BIOD43H3 Animal Movement & Exercise      
BIOD45H3 Animal Communication      
BIOD48H3 Ornithology EEB384; EEB386    
BIOD52H3 Special Topics in Biodiversity & Systematics      
BIOD53H3 Special Topics in Behaviorual Ecology      
BIOD54H3/EES3000H Applied Conservation Biology      
BIOD55H3 Experimental Animal Behaviour      
BIOD59H3 Models in Ecology, Epidemiology and Conservation EEB430    
BIOD60H3 Spatial Ecology      
BIOD62H3 Species & Speciation EEB340    
BIOD63H3 From Individuals to Ecosystems: Advanced Topics in Ecology      
BIOD65H3 Pathologies of the Nervous System      
BIOD66H3 Causes & Consequences of Biodiversity