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Equipment and Facilities

The Fabrication Lab, lovingly referred to as the Fab Lab, is located in SW109 of the S-Wing. It is a multifaceted maker space established to facilitate experimentation and production with 3D materials and processes. The space boasts a complete woodworking studio; machining-oriented metalworking area; an electronics area with a laser cutter and 3D printing capabilities: and a multi-purpose design studio for clean fabrication processes as well as an area for exhibiting and documenting work. ACM has fabrication technicians who assist students with design and manufacturing best practices. In the Fab Lab, students learn fundamental techniques in taking a project from conception to design to prototyping to production in a safe, well-equipped, and supportive working environment. Think of the Lab as home to your local maker community.


Three spaces make up ACM’s Media Labs: our Computer Lab (BV494), the Media Production Studio (BV340), and Equipment Room (AA313).

Our Apple Mac Lab (BV494) offers access to Adobe Software and houses our small and medium format Digital Printing Lab.

The Media Production Studio (BV340) is a multimedia studio with backdrops and lighting where students can experiment with photography, time-based and other digital media projects. This space also serves as a hub for ACM’s creative community to engage and discuss work.  The Equipment Room (AA313) stores the audio-visual equipment students may borrow, including our cameras and lenses, lights, tripods, microphones, graphics tablets, and more. These items are charged at a low cost; per-use or at a semester rate. 

The Media Labs Technician supports these resources, providing individual or group support, training and guidance.

The Leigha Lee Browne Theatre (LLBT) is a hub for performance and experiential education and is the main laboratory for the Theatre and Performance program. It is an intimate, 110 seat black-box style performance space, and the principal venue for student contemporary theatre performances. The space has also hosted world-renowned musicians, dancers, and actors, as well as a diverse range of conversations exploring theatre, performance, community, and the arts.

Equipment and Facilities FAQ

Who may use ACM music practice rooms and when are they available?

ACM students may book practice rooms which are available from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 8:45pm only. Rooms are unavailable on the weekends. For details concerning room booking procedures, please consult the ACM Practice Room Policy. Before a student may use a practice room, the Practice Room Student Usage Contract must be filled out and submitted to the Departmental Assistant in AA301.

I am not currently enrolled in the ACM music program. Is it possible for me to access the ACM practice rooms?

  For students who are not currently enrolled in the music program or in an ensemble, permission must be gained from an ACM music faculty member and a Practice Room Permission Form must be filled out. To sign out a practice room please visit the Departmental Assistant in AA301.

How do I book a music classroom for an ensemble rehearsal?

In order to book a room in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, your group must be a registered student organization with the Department of Student Life and you must receive approval from a music faculty member. Details may be found on the Space Request Form.

Do you have musical instruments for rent?

A limited number of instruments are available for students to rent. Please see the Instrument Use Policy for student eligibility, fees and other details. An Instrument Rental Agreement Form must be filled out prior to renting an ACM instrument.

What form of ID do I need to sign out Studio equipment?

You will need your student card in order to sign out equipment. Please note that payment for equipment rental is payable by t-card only. You will also be required to fill out a Media Equipment Agreement Form. The Media Equipment room is located in the Arts and Administration Building, AA313.

Is there a charge for signing out equipment?

Yes. The Media Equipment Rental Form contains a list of fees. However, you may instead choose the option of paying a flat $50 fee per term instead of paying the individual fee each time you sign out a piece of equipment. The Media Equipment room is located in the Arts and Administration Building, AA313.

How do I rent a Studio locker?

Lockers may be rented through the Departmental Assistant in AA301. Please consult the Studio Locker Policies for eligibility, guidelines and locker fees.