Community interacting with art piece "Long Distance Relationship" by Christopher Dela Cruz and Patri

ARTSIDEOUT is on OCTOBER 1st, 2021!

ARTSIDEOUT is a large scale, one-day, multi-disciplinary arts festival that celebrates arts and culture at UTSC in both physical and conceptual spaces. Involving the widest possible range of students from different programs and backgrounds, the event celebrates creativity and culture at U of T Scarborough.

The festival showcases site-specific art installations, exhibitions, performances, concerts, musical acts, and film screenings. By using non-traditional spaces to exhibit creative works, ARTSIDEOUT aims to reveal the potential that is inherent in the everyday life and spaces of the U of T Scarborough campus.

Students are encouraged to get involved with the festival by volunteering or by applying as an artist. Follow them on the social media channels to view the full festival map and program!

Facebook: @ARTSIDEOUT, Instagram: @ARTSIDEOUT_, Twitter: @ARTSIDEOUT