Stores and Campus Mail Services

Stores Services makes available to all University Departments an inventory of selected stock items, which have been purchased for and are sold to the Campus customers at the best possible prices.


This service runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except statutory holidays). The service includes delivery and pick up of St. George and UTM mail, I>U>T>S> Mail and courier packages. The service is provided by Sterling Logistics.

Delivery is made to various locations on the St. George campus. The service delivers items directly to addresses, providing a standard of security and timeliness for sender and recipients.

Please complete the Campus Courier Service Request form or pick up a form from Central Stores in Room SW120. This service can be used for pick up or delivery, for all packages, envelopes and/or boxes.

Courier Parcels and letters must be in the proper bin located in SW112A by 9:45 am. Please note that the courier leaves promptly at 9:45 am.


Campus Courier Rates

Destination Rates
Rates Per item, to/from St. George campus locations $5.00 per stop (0-75lbs inclusive)
Per item over 75lbs, to/from St. George campus locations $5.00 plus .05 cents per lb for any item over 75 lbs

For questions or concerns please contact Central Stores at 416-287-7590.


Purolator and TNT Courier Services

Forms for Purolator or TNT are available in Stores Services. When completed it can be dropped off with your parcel at Stores. These letters and packages must be received by 2pm for next day delivery.

Please see Stores Services staff for prices.
Mail Services include:
  • Distribution of the Scarborough Campus Inter-Departmental mail.
  • Distribution of mail to St. George Campus (Monday, Wednesday and Friday deliveries).
  • Distribution of incoming Canada Post mail (including all mail addresses to the University with incorrect or missing postal codes).
  • Delivery of outgoing Canada Post mail.
Mailroom Procedures
  1. Please remember to sort all outgoing mail in the appropriate areas:
  • U of T Scarborough internal mail
  • St. George/UTM mail & I.U.T.S mail
  • Pre-stamped Canada Post
  • Canada Post mail to be stamped

Staff members: please check your mail for sorting accuracy. Please make sure your mail goes in the correct bin to avoid delays or losses.

Ensure that all mail to be metered is properly labelled with the correct department/division to be billed.

  1. All mail coming to the mailroom must be bundled with rubber bands or paper clips (available in the mailroom).
  2. Confidential mail must be put into a new, unused envelope and sealed with its original glue.
  3. Do not use staples to seal envelopes or packages, used or new. This applies to all U of T Scarborough internal, St. George/I.U.T.S., and Canada Post mail.
  4. The college address should be used for receiving business mail only, not personal mail.
  5. Cash (paper or coin) should never be put into any mail stream, including U of T Scarborough internal.
  6. Should you have a distribution (internal) of emergency nature, notify mailroom staff for assistance.

Feel free to ask mailroom staff any questions you may have.

Canada Post Mail Procedures
  1. Please clearly group mail that is to be processed on the mailing machine into the following categories to ensure speedy handling:
  • Country of destination (3 separate bundles): 
  • Canada
  • U.S.A
  • International
  • Weight
  • Size (#10 envelopes; 8 1/2" x 11" envelopes; etc.)
  • Sealed envelopes vs. those to be sealed here.

Once in these categories, bundle all of the categories with a rubber band and then bundle all of those together with one big rubber band. Leave the mail in the appropriate bin for outgoing mail. If your mailing is too large for the allotted space, ask staff for assistance.

  1. All mail requiring postage must be accompanied with the Postage Form. Please complete, sign and attach this form with all envelopes/ packages. Any envelopes/ packages dropped off in the mail room without this form will not be stamped or processed and will be returned to the department.
  2. If your department’s account numbers change, please notify mailroom staff of the change.
  3. All envelopes are to be closed individually. Please ask mailroom staff for a demonstration.
  4. Special arrangements must be made to take large mailings (in excess of 1,000 pieces). Please notify mailroom staff at least one week in advance for large mailings.
  5. Envelopes with the seal on the short side of the envelope need to be labeled as shown in the picture, as this is the only way that allows the mailing machine to both stamp and seal the envelope.
  1. Please seal any envelopes that are more than 1 cm thick, as the mailing machine cannot seal envelopes that are too thick. For current Canada Post rates please check their website.

Mail is metered every weekday morning at 8:00 a.m. for the current date.

Rates as per published on the Canada Post website

Selected Campus Mail Policies

  • Campus Mail is picked up and delivered from and to the St. George Campus on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday. The weight limit for each mailbag picked up by Campus Mail drivers is 30lbs. Drivers are instructed to refuse to pick up mail that exceeds this limit.
  • Outgoing Canada Post mail is mailed at 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.
  • Items received in the Campus Mail not bearing postage and showing no return address may be opened. If a sending department cannot be determined or the external organization does not pick up its items, the items will be destroyed after two weeks.
  • Personal mail is not handled.

Phone Number: 416-287-7590

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Location: SW-120