Finance & Administration

General inquiries related to Facilities Management services, billings, work orders, and keys (contractor keys and key inventory).

Finance & Administration


Invoice by mail

All accounts payable invoices only relating to the Facilities Management Department (FMD) should be emailed to or sent by mail to:

Facilities Management Department

University of Toronto Scarborough

1265 Military Trail, Room SW303

Toronto, ON, M1C 1A4


Invoice Payment Inquiries

The university's payment terms are 35 days from the date of the invoice.

Please contact the Financial Administrator at 416-208-2777 or by email at if your invoice has been outstanding for more than 35 days. 

Vendors are asked not to re-send the invoice at a later date or multiple times. 


Information to include on Vendor invoices

Vendors are asked to indicate on your invoice the FMD contact name; Purchase order number or Work Order # where applicable.



Please make cheques payable to The University of Toronto and remit payment and invoice copy to:

University of Toronto

Accounts Receivable

215 Huron Street, 2nd Floor

Toronto, Ontario  M5S 1A2




Requests for contractors to access areas must come from Project Managers/Coordinators by filling out the Contractors Key Access Agreement form. A written approval must be obtained by the Project Managers/Coordinators from the Division/Department Head prior to the access to the areas requested.

Note: No keys will be signed out to the contractors or Project Managers/Coordinators without a written approval from the department first.

1. Authorization:

The contractor for each project must complete a Contractors Key Access Agreement form in order to sign out keys. Once the Contractors Key Access Agreement form has been signed by the contractor, it authorizes the University to deduct funds from the contract fees if any keys are lost, stolen or have not been returned to the Key Box within the specified time period. Keys will not be made available until after the signed form has been received by FMD.

2. Authorized Key User:

The contractor must agree:

i) to the proper use and care of the keys.

ii) to not loan, duplicate or use them in any unauthorized manner.

iii) to not give out the access code to anyone other than authorized employees in their company and in  particular, not to subcontractors.

iv) to pay the established fee for replacements if lost or damaged.

v) to return or surrender the keys to the issuing authority, or designate on demand.

vi) to return keys to the Key Box on a daily basis at the end of each approved shift/period.

3. Electronic Key Box

Key boxes are located in various areas across campus. Once the Contractors Key Access Agreement form is approved by Facilities, the pin code will be provided to the contractor for them to access the keys in the Key Box.

4. Key Requester’s Responsibility

The requestor should follow up with the contractor to ensure the return of the keys.

NOTE: If keys are not returned to the Key Box by the appropriate time an alarm will sound. Therefore, contractors using keys after hours must ensure the keys are returned at the correct time.

Facilities Management department keeps an inventory of all the keys for the U of T Scarborough campus. FMD will send out an annual key inventory listing to each department for review. This listing will itemize all key codes and your department inventory count.

It is important that you review and keep a departmental record of who these keys are issued to. For security reasons, we would like to remind all department administrators who are responsible for issuing keys within the department to ensure that any person(s) who is leaving have returned the key(s) back to the department.

If you require a copy of your departmental key inventory template, please email