Digital Post by Ally_EdwardSaid De Jager et al. (2017) explain that digital storytelling (DST) practices are often underfunded as there is an expectation to conform to traditional research formats. This is unfortunate, as DST holds much promise for countering dominant ways of knowing. I argue that while traditional research methods in biomedicine (such as Randomized Controlled… Read More

Post by HLTD50 student TChainz “Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability” – William Osler Art is the projection of our experiences and ourselves. When I first enrolled in HLTB50, Introduction to Health Humanities, I had a revelation in which I would carry throughout my journey in becoming a Medical Officer… Read More

Post by HLTD50 student Catastrophe Survivor Having been a bundle of stress-ball my entire life, fear and anxiety, a mental health illness that have affected countless number of people of all ages worldwide, is nonetheless something that I have known and familiarized myself with. That is, the fear that I am not good enough, or the… Read More