Post and podcast by HLTD50 students Shining_Diamond_17 and hhhipster In this podcast, we talk about what it was like meeting Catherine Hernandez and reflect on what it means to connect art, health, and the humanities. We hope you enjoy! (click the image below to listen)… Read More

Podcast and post by HLTD50 students Shining_Diamond_17 and hhhipster In this podcast, two HLTD50 students reflect on the novel Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez, and how it is indirectly a collection of stories of health and illness in Toronto. Click on the image below to listen:… Read More

Post by HLTD50 student Shining_Diamond_17  What is an outlier and what makes them so special? Malcolm Gladwell, in his best-selling book Outliers, takes two definitional approaches to defining this term: In mathematics, an outlier is “a statistical observation that is markedly different in value from the others of the sample.” In other words, it’s a point… Read More