Blog post by Katana Rider The creative text by Laura Shepherd, “Forgiving the Future,” published in  GUTS Magazine (2016) was a great connection and exemplar for one of Arthur Frank’s narrative he discusses in The Wounded Storyteller.  The most intriguing aspect of this creative text is possibly the image that Shepherd used; which I understood… Read More

Post by HLTD50 student Zainab Throughout his book The Wounded Storyteller, sociologist Arthur Frank does many comparisons of the various types of illness narratives. As a result, while I was reading the novel Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez, I couldn’t help but identify some of the illness narratives present in this novel. Besides the story line itself (which involves… Read More

Post by HLTD50 student KAKhalfan This week’s blog post will be a continuation of last week’s podcast on the importance of multiple stories for health-related storytelling. In the podcast I discussed the ways that Catherine Hernandez’s Scarborough depicted how multiple stories encapsulate Arthur Frank’s ‘web of stories’ (described in his book The Wounded Storyteller), effectively reducing the isolation many… Read More

Post and podcast by HLTD50 student Honourable_Renegade In this podcast, The Honourable Renegade Baron of Kiwi delves into the intriguing topic of Quest Narratives. With reference to Arthur Frank’s The Wounded Storyteller, he introduces the narrative form’s use of the three stages of a quest: departure, initiation, and return. He reflects upon these stages, hoping to explain… Read More

Post by HLTD50 student Skylight The voice of the ill person rests in the background of restitution and chaos narratives. However, the voice of the ill-person stands in the foreground of the quest narrative. I am most intrigued by what sociologist Arthur Frank calls “the quest narrative” because it is the only narrative style that… Read More

Post by HLTD50 student T.Kamen Last week in our course HLTD50 we had discussed the restitution narrative. The dictionary meaning is as follows: Restitution (n.) an act of restoring or a condition of being restored: such as a : a restoration of something to its rightful owner b : a making good of or giving an… Read More