Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Health & Society

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Health & Society (ICHS) at the University of Toronto Scarborough. This dynamic new Centre is home to a team of award-winning faculty and almost 850 undergraduates, who are committed to the critical study of health and illness from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

Established in 2017, formerly the Health Studies Program, ICHS boasts some of the most innovative health research and educational initiatives available to undergraduate students in Canada. ICHS faculty are world class researchers working and training students across an array of disciplinary perspectives from environmental science and biostatistics, to reproductive and geriatric health, to performance and literary arts in the health humanities.


ICHS: We're the home of Canada's new generation of health change-makers.


ICHS Major Program Overview

UTSC’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Health & Society (ICHS) offers two complimentary, interlinked Majors for undergraduates interested in the rigorous interdisciplinary study of health: “Population Health” (BSc) and “Health Policy” (BA).

Students who choose to major in Population Health will anchor their knowledge in a sophisticated understanding of health and illness’s biological determinants, including epidemiology, aging and the life cycle, and the impact of environmental factors on health, as realized in evolving Canadian and international settings.

Students who choose to major in Health Policy will become experts in the structure and effectiveness of health care systems, including public health policy, health crises and management, caregiving across the life course, and pressing issues in health care delivery for marginalized communities. Special emphasis is placed on how matters of culture and identity—including race, ethnicity, gender, and colonialism—directly impact health outcomes and services across Canada and in the wide world beyond.

ICHS Minor Program Overview

As of April 2017, the ICHS is proud to offer Canada’s first Minor Program in Health Humanities, which explores human health and illness through the methods and materials of the creative arts and humanities. For more info on this exciting Minor and the award-winning Health Humanities research done by our ICHS undergrads, check out www.scopelab.ca.

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