Frequently Asked Questions


Contact the Program Advisor for questions about:

  • Course selection
  • Program requirements
  • Waiting lists
  • Pre-requisites
  • Reference letters – general questions regarding grad school and/or employment opportunities – more detailed questions are referred to the affiliated departmental career counsellor at the Academic Advising and Career Centre.

Contact Audrey Glasbergen for questions about:

  • Course syllabi for transfers
  • Directions or departmental contact information

Contact your Professor of Teaching Assistant for questions about:

  • Grades -- including questions about final grades
  • Assignments
  • Exam format and details

Contact AccessAbility Services for information about:

  • Accommodations for coursework and exams related to a disability, including for specific tests and exams
  • Scheduling an appointment with a Disability Consultant or Assistive Technology Consultant

Contact IITS (416-287-4357) about:

  • Problems accessing Quercus, ACORN, or other sites
  • Remote-access issues
  • On-campus printer issues
  • On-campus WiFi issues

Contact the Health and Society Students' Association (HSSA) for information about:

  • Getting involved with HSSA and other student organizations
  • Cross-curricular opportunities
  • Internships, volunteer opportunities, and job opportunities
  • Campus events




Due to COVID-19, DHS Faculty and Staff are predominantly working from home. 

For questions related to programs and advising, please contact Sean Ramrattan at 



You can learn about the accomplishments of professors who teach in our department here. You can see the full list of instructors here. Please check the individual faculty web profiles, or your syllabus or Quercus site for office hours. If you would like to contact your instructor, send an email from your UTSC email account.


Yes! And you are invited to join! Follow the group on Facebook or Twitter (@ICHSSAutsc) for information about upcoming meetings or events.

DHS offers multiple program majors and one minor. Students interested in technical and lab professions should opt for the BSc. Students more intrested in community organizations, rehabilitative health, public policy, or the arts should opt for the BA. All of our programs are rigorous. Students can start with the introductory courses, and then decide which major or minor to pursue. Read more about the majors and minors on the Programs page, on the course calendar, or contact the student association to talk to current students and learn about each major. You can also make an appointment to talk to the registrar, a faculty member, instructor, or teaching assistant about what path might best suit your interests and capabilities.


Visit our student resources page for links to free resources on campus for students.


Contact a faculty member whose course you have taken recently by email to respectfully request a letter of recommendation. Be sure to include your CV, an unofficial transcript, and a link to description of the job or program you applying to, any form that the faculty needs to fill out, and the deadline. Be sure to give the faculty member as much time as possible to complete the recommendation. Make sure that you are qualified for the position, and if you are also writing a letter of application, share your draft with the faculty member. Faculty have the discretion to consent to writing a recommendation on your behalf or not. The more lead time you offer, and the better your standing in courses, the better letter a faculty member can craft.


The Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society (ICHS) was established in 2017. It is a more independent and permanent unit that grew out of the "Health Studies" program, which was a part of UTSC's campus community for several years. Now, ICHS faculty continue to offer many of the same courses, as well as many new courses. At present, ICHS still retains elements of our past name, "Health Studies," in our course code (HLT) and our heading in the registrar's calendar. Students who graduate from our major programs receive a BA or BSc in Health Studies.