Specialist Program in Paramedicine

A young female paramedic

This program is offered jointly by the University of Toronto Scarborough and Centennial College, and combines a four-year Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) with a two-year Paramedic Diploma program into a specialized degree that is completed over a four-year period. In the Specialist (Joint) Program in Paramedicine students benefit from tailored curricular design and exceptional faculty at UTSC and Centennial College. The program gives students the critical thinking, analytical and technical skills to succeed in the knowledge and performance-based field of Paramedicine. Graduates of the Specialist (Joint) Program in Paramedicine receive a B.Sc. and are qualified for certification as Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) in Ontario, contingent on passing the Advanced Emergency Care Assistant Exam (AEMCA) offered by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Students spend the first year of their degree at UTSC; in the second and third year, students complete a total of 7.5 credits at the Centennial College Morningside Campus alongside taking courses at UTSC. Students complete the program by finishing off year four of their studies at UTSC. Upon successful completion of the Centennial College portion of the program, students are eligible to write the AEMCA exam. Program graduates are well prepared for employment in the field of Paramedicine and have a strong foundation for future studies in professional fields related to health care.

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