Health Studies BA Major and BA Major Co-op

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Health Policy BA Major

Students who choose to major in Health Policy (BA) cultivate a sophisticated understanding of the structure and effectiveness of health care systems, including public health policy, health crises and management, caregiving across the life course, and pressing issues in health care delivery for marginalized communities. Courses examine the character and consequences of different health care systems, public health policies, and governmental and civil society responses to ongoing societal issues related to health. Special emphasis is placed on how matters of culture and identity—including race, ethnicity, gender, and disability—directly impact health outcomes and services across Canada and in the wide world beyond.

Typical career pathways may include: health policy analysis, health administration and management (community to global level), public health, community health, disability studies, arts-based health interventions and therapies, health-related non-governmental organizations (NGOs), health communication, medicine and allied health professions (including nursing, physical rehabilitation, occupational health), research and academia.

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Health Policy BA Major (Co-op)

The Major (Co-op) Program in Health Studies - Health Policy is a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program that combines academic studies with paid work terms in the public, private, and/or non-profit sectors. The program provides students with the opportunity to develop the academic and professional skills required to pursue employment in these areas, or to continue on to graduate training in an academic field related to Health Policy upon graduation. In addition to their academic course requirements, students must successfully complete the additive Arts & Science Co-op Work Term Preparation courses and a minimum of two Co-op work terms. Learn more about Co-op here

Detailed major requirements are listed on the academic course calendar.

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