Remembering Tashfia Sharar (1999-2021)

Tashfia Sharar, a 4th year International Development Studies Co-op student, passed away in Dhaka on July 20th 2021. Our IDS community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners, is only beginning to process this tremendous loss. Our heartfelt condolences are with her family and loved ones.

Tashfia is remembered by all who knew her, as a vibrant and kind soul. For faculty members, she is remembered as a model student, someone with immeasurable promise, and the kind of person to always get involved in volunteer efforts. For staff, she was thoughtful and understanding, and always left us smiling after a meeting. For friends, she was a delight to be around. She always wanted to support and help others, had a personality that attracted different types of people, and a warm sense of humour.

Though we are aware of her involvement in the International Development Studies Students’ Association (IDSSA), International Development Conference (IDC), the Bangladesh Students’ Association and BacharLorai, we know that Tashfia’s leadership and sense of social purpose extended to numerous other activities, communities, and meaningful relationships with others.  Tashfia was on her co-op placement with the Canadian and African Business Women's Alliance (CAABWA) in eSwatini, working remotely from her home in Bangladesh. Her CAABWA family found her to be a talented and dedicated leader, with a wonderful spirit and heart. Her supervisor at the SWIFT project, emphasized how bright and dedicated she was, and the sheer impact she had made in such a short time.

Her future was full of possibilities, joy, love, and impact. We mourn the loss of this incredibly rare soul, and everything she would have accomplished. We will always aim to follow her example of kindness, dedication, and hope.

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