Future Students

IDS Orientation, September 2017

Photo: Orientation for First Year IDS Coop Class, September 2017.

Future Students

Are you passionate about social justice, poverty and inequality, human rights, and world issues? Are you open-minded, flexible, and willing to learn and collaborate with others? Are you a committed leader and learner longing for international work experience? If so, the Specialist in International Development Studies (IDS) Co-op program is ideal for you!

By specializing in IDS, you will take courses from various discplines, including economics, environmental science, political science, and social sciences, and gain a more holistic and interdisciplinary approach to understanding global development issues from multiple perspectives.

Through a series of mandatory extra-curricular sessions offered by the Co-op program, you will gain valuable practical skills, such as networking, job interviewing, leadership and management, and much more that you can apply both on your placement and in your future career.

Finally, you will also have the opportunity to complete your very own research project and produce an undergraduate thesis, which allows you to explore deeper into a particular development issue that you are passionate about!

After five years, the IDS Co-op program will have helped you become a more critical, adaptive, and intelligent global citizen with valuable international work experience, and help you become a better leader in your own communities!

Please see the IDS Program Calendar for information on the IDS Co-op programs including course listings.