Panels and Talks


Dr. Rohinton P. Medhora, President of the Centre for International Governance Innovation on “Globalization and Development: the Twain Shall Meet” (November 25, 2015)


Suzanne Sicchia, University of Toronto on “Critical Hope Seminar” (March 13, 2015)


Colleen O'Manique, Trent University, on "Gender, Development, and the MDGs" (Nov 22, 2014)


Lauchlan Munro, Director, School of International Affairs and Development, Ottawa University, on "Making Sausages: An Insiders View of How International Declarations are Made". (Mar 19, 2014)


Ilan Kapoor, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, York University, on "Celebrities: Humanitarians or Ideologues" (Mar 4, 2014)


Ivette Perfecto, School of Natural Resources and the Environment - University of Michigan, in conversation with Marney Issac on “Trade-Offs and Tensions between Agriculture, Conservation, and Food Sovereignty" (January 31, 2014)


Peter Taylor, IDRC and Bettina von Lieres on "Debating Participation and Development" (Jan 23, 2014)


Jennifer Clapp, University of Waterloo in conversation with Ryan Isakson on “Global Food Systems and Development” (Jan 13, 2013)