Applying & Admission Requirements

Student, Ashna, on placement

Photo above: Student, Ashna, on placement in 2019.

Applying & Admission Requirements

High school students interested in applying for the IDS Co-op program (HBA) must have completed Grade 12 English and have high academic standing. Since students in the program will be taking an Introduction to Environmental Sciences course and an Introduction to Micro/Macroeconomics course in their first year, we recommend high school students to take 1 Grade 12 science and 1 Grade 12 math.

High school students interested in applying for the IDS Co-op program (HBSc) must have completed Grade 12 BiologyChemistryAlgebra (or Functions), and Physics, as well as have high academic standing.

Scholarship Opportunities for International Students 

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship

Scholarship Opportunities

High School and Transfer Students From Other Universities:

Enrollment into the IDS Co-op Program is limited. On top of the regular admissions processes followed by the Ontario University Admissions Center (OUAC), the IDS Co-op Program also requires a Supplementary Application Form (SAF). Admissions are granted on the basis of the applicants’:

  • academic performance
  • background in relevant subjects
  • extra-curricular involvement
  • language skills
  • experience or interest in international development studies and work. 

Current UTSC Student and considering IDS Co-op?

Please check out our website about what students are currently doing for their placements:

Deadlines and How to Apply

For dates and timelines, please visit the Unlimited and Limited Programs page.
For more information about how to request a Co-op Subject POSt, please visit and
Once you have requested your program, email with a completed supplementary application form found here: SAF. Your application will not be valid without a SAF submission. Please note that successful submission of materials does not guarantee acceptance. 
Be sure to check ACORN during the offer period and ensure you accept your invitation to the program by the deadline.
Before requesting a Co-op Subject POSt, ensure you meet admission requirements by reviewing the program specific requirements outlined in the UTSC Undergraduate Calendar.


Enrolment in the program is limited. The minimum qualifications for entry are 4.0 credits and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Most students are accepted into the program directly from secondary school. Transfer students and current UTSC students may also apply for admission but require a minimum of 4.0 credits up to a maximum of 6redits.

Will you have 6.0 or more credits by the upcoming Summer or Fall Term? Students who will have six or more credits by the upcoming Summer or Fall Term are not eligible for admission.

If you have questions about the form or applying to the IDS Co-op Program, contact:
International Development Studies Co-op
Phone: 416-287-7113