About IDS Co-op

About IDS Co-op

Photo Above: IDS Student, Mira Hennawy, on Placement in Ghana

Why Study IDS Co-op?

It challenges students through a distinct multidisciplinary-academic program.
A solid core program introduces you to the concepts and theories of development practice and allows for you to choose a focus for your academic studies in one of two streams:

1) Social Science: Incorporates courses in the fields of economics, health studies, political science, geography, anthropology, and equity among others.

2) Environmental Science: Incorporates courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and ecology among others.

It offers a one of a kind development experience through its co-operative program.
In your fourth year of studies, you will have the opportunity to embark on an 8 – 12 month placement with an organization involved in international development. The purpose of the placement is for you to gain experience in the professional world of development while applying knowledge gained in the classroom to real life experiences. The majority of students secure work terms with Canadian employers such as Canadian development agencies (NGOs), research institutes or private sector consulting firms. The location and duration of the work terms will vary according to each student’s disciplinary and regional preferences, their experience and abilities, the availability of positions, and the practicability and safety of work.

It incorporates students into a vibrant student and faculty body.
The community atmosphere that surrounds the IDS program at the University of Toronto Scarborough not only makes new students feel welcome, but it provides an opportunity to get involved in volunteering, clubs, and social events. There are a number of different groups on campus that cater to a wide range of interests which the program actively supports. There is also an instant group of friends to be made with the other students in your year, generally a group no bigger than 25. Students in all years of the program are encouraged to get to know one another and the faculty through bi annual potlucks and other events on campus.

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