IDS Co-op Students and QE Scholars Highlights (2016-17)

QE Scholarship Receipients 2016-17

IDS Co-op Students and QE Scholarship recipients (2016-17 summer) highlighted in UTSC Online News and Features

Read more about their journey and work experience from the interviews.

Andrea in India

Andrea Sherk

Discovering the complexities of international development in India

“I can’t count the number of times on my co-op placement when I thought to myself, ‘I never imagined I’d do this!’" says Sherk. "But I’ve become so much richer for it.”

Gigi in Malawi

Gigi Chang

Building capacity for marginalized girls in Malawi

During Gigi Chang’s co-op placement in Malawi, she discovered that the field of international development can be both inspiring and distressing – sometimes at the same time.

Fredriz in Ghana

Fredriz Cantilado 

Learning with Artisans in Ghana

One of our latest QE scholarship recipients, Cantilado worked as a marketing and branding officer for the Artisans’ Association of Ghana to produce a comprehensive marketing strategy with local artisans.

Mariba in Jamaica

Mariba Douglas 

Youth, Community, and Education in Jamaica

Through Cuso International, Douglas worked as a Youth Program Advisor at the Kingston YMCA, an institution providing remedial studies programs for adolescent boys who had removed from mainstream public schooling.

Ali in Tanzania

Ali Akbar

Supporting Female Entrepreneurship in Tanzania 

Pursuing a double major in IDS and Public Policy, Akbar worked as a fundraising consultant for the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce in the last summer, while gaining invaluable lessons on personal growth.

Ayesha in Sri Lanka

Ayesha Azad

Increasing Female Participation in Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry

Working at the Women’s Development Centre in Kandy, Azad supported female participation within local tourism industry, while revisiting her dual identity as a Canadian and Sri Lankan.

Rachel in Uganda

Rachel Samuel

Finding educational opportunities for war-affected youth in Uganda 

As a QE Scholarship recipient, Samuel worked with Children of Hope Uganda in Lira, Uganda, where she monitored and evaluated the organization’s income-generating activities to help war-affected youth.

Tian in Thailand

Tian Lin

Promoting Sustainable Forestry in Asia-Pacific Region

During her co-op placement, Tian worked at the Center for People and Forests as a participatory monitoring and evaluation intern - an invaluable experience that inspires her to explore a new direction for graduate studies.

Elisa in India

Ting-Yi (Elisa) Chang

Bridging the Wikipedia Gender Gap in India 

Taking the strength she developed as an international student in Canada, Chang spent a year in India, working with the Centre for Internet and Society to raise awareness of the knowledge gender gap on the popular online encyclopedia.

Linda in Sri Lanka

Linda Bui

Supporting Community-based Development in Sri Lanka 

“Working in the context of international development and in the non-profit sector often means that you're wearing different hats... so you need to be open-minded and flexible to changes,” says Bui, who fulfilled two different job roles during her co-op in Sri Lanka.

Tasha in Uganda

Tasha Noronha

Promoting Educational and Professional Opportunities in Uganda

Noronha worked for Children of Hope Uganda as a Donor Representative, where she later undertook projects in collaboration with staff and other organizations, to coordinate various workshops and secure scholarships for young women.

Reenas in Tanzania

Reenas Mohamed 

Travelling across Tanzania to cultivate responsible tourism

4th year IDS and Political Science student Mohamed worked as a communications and documentation officer with the Tanzania Tourist Board, which focuses on providing authentic and responsible tourism.