IDS 5th Year Student Linda Bui Nominated for OCIC Global Changemaker

Global Changemaker Linda Bui Banner

"Our world is an interconnected ecosystem with a very real butterfly effect... If each of us has the opportunity is able to contribute positively, whatever it may be, this will have an impact on not only our lives but our communities too."

Co-founder of the Girls Empowerment Movement, a QE Scholar, and an ardent advocate for sustainability and gender equality, Linda Bui has devoted her energy and knowledge to causes on and off campus, in Canada and abroad. Linda, a 5th year IDS co-op students at UTSC, is recently named the Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador by Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC), an exceptional honour and role to inspire future generations and create lasting impact on sustainable development. 
Throughout her time at school, Linda shows especially keen interest and focus on environmental sustainability and gender equality. While recognizing the difficulty in making "grand" changes to the world as a student, Linda stressed that her focus on bridging theories and practice as well as staying open-minded to listen and learn from others is what brings her to the role of a Global Changemaker. Linda worked with World University Service of Canada (WUSC) in Southern Sri Lanka for 10 months for her co-op placement, during which she worked on a local women entrepreneurship program as a monitor and evaluation officer, developed the local organization's communication strategies, and assisted in women's empowerment programs during the region's flooding in 2016. 
While Linda will be graduating in June (2018) after her five years at UTSC, her impact will continue to inspire her fellow students. She also recently accepted an intern position for the Ontario Legislature Internship Program (OLIP) where she will continue her passion in public policy, and apply what she has learned through her IDS co-op journey. 
Learn more about Linda's stories (including a podcast of her reflection on her new role as the Global Changemaker) on the OCIC Website