Panelists at a CCDS Seminar

The CCDS hosts several events throughout the school year. In addition to the annual events listed below, the CCDS provides an array of events, debates, seminars and panels that vary from year-to-year. For a list of past events, please visit the archived events page.


CCDS Seminar

CCDS Seminar Series

Every year, the CCDS hosts a number of seminars for students and faculty to learn and engage in a variety of different topics.

Students networking with Al Berry series lecturer

Al Berry Lecture Series

Al Berry has and continues to be a seminal person in the life of the IDS programs at UTSC. He was part of an inspired group of faculty members that founded the IDS programs in 1984 and he has been a long-appreciated teacher and mentor to three decades of IDS students. It is, therefore, fitting that the CCDS name its annual lecture series in his honour.

Volunteers at the IDC 2014

International Development Conference

The International Development Conference at the University of Toronto Scarborough is a student-run conference where students, community members, professionals, and academics can engage in meaningful and critical discussions about current global issues.