Applying & Admission Requirements

Last day of placement picture for a student from the class of 2015

Photo above: The last day at placement for Luzianne Reid (Class of 2015) with FECOFUN in Charikot, Dolakha district, Nepal

Applying & Admission Requirements

High school students interested in applying for the IDS Co-op program (HBA) must have completed Grade 12 English and have high academic standing. Since students in the program will be taking an Introduction to Environmental Sciences course and an Introduction to Micro/Macroeconomics course in their first year, we recommend high school students to take 1 Grade 12 science and 1 Grade 12 math.

High school students interested in applying for the IDS Co-op program (HBSc) must have completed Grade 12 BiologyChemistryAlgebra (or Functions), and Physics, as well as have high academic standing.

Scholarship Opportunities for International Students 

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships:

Scholarship Opportunities 


High School and Transfer Students From Other Universities:

Enrollment into the IDS Co-op Program is limited. On top of the regular admissions processes followed by the Ontario University Admissions Center (OUAC), the IDS Co-op Program also requires a Supplementary Application Form (SAF), from which selected students will receive an interview with members of the IDS staff and faculty. Interviews are normally held between January and May for students who pass the initial screening.  Admissions are granted on the basis of the applicants’:

  • academic performance
  • background in relevant subjects
  • extra-curricular involvement
  • language skills
  • experience or interest in international development studies and work. 

For Current UTSC Students:

Following the completion of 4.0 FCEs, students are able to apply for entry to the IDS Co-op Program.  Admission is not normally granted to students who have completed more than 6 FCEs. All UTSC students interested in transferring into the IDS Co-op program MUST complete a Supplementary Application Form (SAF) AND make a Subject POSt request on ACORN for the specific Program of interest in order to be considered. Application forms for transfer students are updated annually by March of each year. Please download the form, fill it out online, print and return it to the co-op office before the deadline. Applications should be submitted NO later than April 27nd, 2018.

The Supplementary Application Form can be found here. (You may have to download it and open it offline if it does not open in your browser)

For information on admissions, fees, work placements and standing in the Program, please see the Co-operative Programs section of the Course CalendarQuestions can be directed to the IDS Co-op Program at 


If you have questions about admissions or scholarships call Admissions and Student Recruitment, University of Toronto Scarborough.

Telephone: (416) 287-7529