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Email Vacation Messaging

To set or remove a vacation message you must authenticate by entering the required information:
Your UTSCid username:
Your username is usually the part before the @ in your @utsc email address. Don't use a firstname.lastname alias.
You can only set a vacation message if you have a UTSCid account - and if your UTSCid email is forwarded you should set the message where you read your email instead.

Your UTSCid password:
Depending on your browser there should be some indication that this connection is secure, eg a closed lock in the corner of the browser window or beside the URL. If that indication is absent, do not complete this form.

You can either
This operation will always be successful, even if you do not have an existing message.

Or enter a new vacation message (plain text):

Please observe the following points:
  • Setting a new message will clear an existing message.
  • Your message will be prefaced with "Your message was received - you will only get one of these automatic responses"
  • Try to give some indication of when you'll be back, or an alternate contact address in case of urgent matters.
  • This responder only replies once to any given correspondent, so they do not get an away message each time.

Optional: Set an expiry date and time for your message:
If you do not set this, you must return to this form to remove your message. The default time for message removal is 6AM.

Respond only to UofT addresses
Check this if you only want your away message returned to UofT addresses, the rest of the world will not get a response.

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