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UTSC Spam delivery

UTSC spam filters divert messages identified as spam away from UTSCid accounts and save such email temporarily in a central location. "False positives" are unfortunately possible, wherein legititmate email is wrongly marked as spam and not delivered. If you would like to receive copies of your messages that have been marked as spam (into your Spam folder), provide your UTSCid authentication and click the appropriate button below. In your email client you may have to explicitly subscribe to the Spam folder, once it has been automatically created during the delivery of the first spam message. Spam messages count against your disk quota so be sure to monitor and clean this folder.
Note that email trapped by the anti-virus filter will still not be delivered, since it is considered unsafe, and there are essentially no false positives with that filter.

Email rejected from UTSC by virtue of a blacklisted sender cannot be delivered, as it never gets in the door.

Your UTSCid username:
Your username is usually the part before the @ in your @utsc email address. Do not use a firstname.lastname alias.

Your UTSCid password:
Depending on your browser there should be some indication that this connection is secure, eg a closed lock beside the URL. If that indication is absent, do not complete this form.

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