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UTSCid Email Forwarding

To set or remove an email forward you must authenticate by entering the required information:
Your UTSCid username:
You can only forward your email with this form if you have an account at UTSC.
Your username is usually the part before the @ in your @utsc email address

Your UTSCid password:
Depending on your browser there should be some indication that this connection is secure, eg a closed lock in the lower left corner of the browser window. If that indication is absent, do not complete this form.

Enter the address you would like your email forwarded to:
Please observe the following points:
  • A test message will be sent to the indicated address, but that does not verify its correctness. If it is in error, you will lose email.
  • Deliberate mis-directions will be removed.
  • An existing forward must be removed first.
  • Be aware that forwarding email to external providers may result in blocked or lost messages. The University will not be responsible for lost correspondence

If you no longer want to forward your UTSCid email address, click here:

If you want to change your forwarding address, first remove the existing forward, then return to this form and set a new forward.

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