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Scholarly Prominence in Established and Emerging Areas

Research in the lab


As a comprehensive, research-intensive campus that has the nimbleness to work across disciplines while maintaining strong disciplines, we are in an excellent position to take a substantive leap forward in scholarly productivity and impact.

We will do our part to address issues and to advance objectives outlined in the University’s institutional strategic research plan.

Priority 2 - Scholarly Prominence

Strategic Direction 2.1

Enhance and grow current and emerging areas of research strength that will differentiate University of Toronto Scarborough as a global research leader in those fields.

Objective: Build the capacity in people and infrastructure necessary to realize our vision of global prominence in particular areas of scholarship.

Strategic Direction 2.2

Develop and implement a new research support framework that facilitates realization of our scholarly ambitions.

Objective: Incentivize enhanced scholarly productivity and substantial growth in grant success.

Leslie Chan

“Inspiring inclusive excellence means celebrating and recognizing diverse forms of scholarly expressions and achievements, and understanding their merit in diverse contexts.”

Leslie Chan - Associate Professor in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media and Associate Director of the Centre for Critical Development Studies.

Strategic Direction 2.3

Establish the University of Toronto Scarborough as a centre of excellence for research partnerships and knowledge translation.

Objective: Strengthen our capacity for knowledge production, translation and commercialization in ways that bring us global prominence and make a positive impact on local communities in our role as an anchor institution.

Strategic Direction 2.4

Invigorate on-campus research culture to increase disciplinary and interdisciplinary engagement across departments and with the wider community.

Objective: Be a vibrant intellectual community that is a destination of choice for disruptive thought leaders and innovative thinkers.

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