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Deep and Enduring Local, National, and Global Partnerships & Networks

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U of T Scarborough students, staff, faculty, and alumni continue to make significant contributions to the University of Toronto’s mission independently and in partnership with others within our tri-campus system and across a variety of public and private sectors, international agencies, and community organizations.

Those partnerships have demonstrated that enduring collaborations and networks create mutually beneficial opportunities and outcomes for participants, as individuals and as institutions, which they could not have generated on their own.

Priority 4 - Global Partnerships

Strategic Direction 4.1

Develop and implement an overarching partnership and community engagement framework that advances our strategic priorities while recognizing the diversity and complexity of relationships and approaches.

Objective: Ensure that we stay true to our values, maintain institutional coherence, focus on our strategic priorities, and sustain our long-term commitment to partners.

Strategic Direction 4.2

Continue to expand local, national, and international collaborations with partners across various sectors that help to integrate real-life experiences into the curriculum, create opportunities for co-learning, and facilitate co-creation of knowledge.

Objective: To give students the practical tools, in situ exposure, and competencies necessary to become knowledgeable experts, active civic-minded citizens, and global leaders when they graduate.

Kimberly Tull

"Inspiring Inclusive Excellence is about critically interrogating ourselves; it’s unpacking the notion that equity and excellence can’t exist without each other. We can actually create tangible ways to make sure that people who have traditionally not been seen at the University actually see themselves here, and access this place in a way that is meaningful and intentional."

Kimberly Tull - Director, Community & Learning Partnerships and Access Pathways

Strategic Direction 4.3

Identify and help lead a set of priority research collaborations that bring together tri-campus colleagues and local, regional, national, and international partners from various sectors.

Objective: To create mutually supportive networks in our areas of established and emerging strength that mobilize large-scale resources and leverage extensive expertise to address complex questions, grand challenges, and globally significant issues that directly impact local communities and the world as a whole.

Strategic Direction 4.4

Expand and deepen our relationships and engagement with our nearly 60,000-strong global community of alumni as valued, life-long, active participants in, and beneficiaries of, our vision and our mission.

Objective: To grow the community of actively engaged alumni who maintain a strong affinity for our campus as ambassadors, advocates, supporters, exemplars, and life-long learners.

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