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Participatory Decision-making and Supportive Administrative Capacity

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In order to truly inspire and benefit from inclusive excellence, we must provide opportunities for all members of our campus community to participate in and to enrich decisions that affect them, shape our mission, and sustain our vision.

Bringing the voices of students, staff, faculty, alumni and other partners to bear on how we operate is key to creating the caring, supportive, healthy campus on which we want to work, study, create, and play.

Priority 5 - Participatory Decision-making and Supportive Administrative Capacity

Strategic Direction 5.1

Foster a culture of empathetic, transparent and shared leadership to enhance participatory decision making at the campus and unit levels.

Objective: Promote inclusive decision making that supports talent and leadership development, ensures shared ownership of the strategic plan, and requires individual and collective accountability for its implementation and outcomes.

Strategic Direction 5.2

Foster a culture of service excellence and continuous improvement among faculty and staff.

Objective: Support effective and accountable delivery of services to the communities that we serve.

Tamara (Adižes) Jacobs

“Inspiring Inclusive Excellence means that I can see my voice reflected in the positive change enacted by the leadership team.”

Tamara (Adižes) Jacobs - Senior Business Analyst, PMO Information & Instructional Technology Services (IITS)

Strategic Direction 5.3

Develop a participatory process for resource allocation.

Objective: Ensure transparency and accountability on all financial and budget matters across the campus.

Strategic Direction 5.4

Identify opportunities to grow and diversify revenues.

Objective: Ensure long-term integrity, viability and sustainability for the campus’s academic mission.

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