Our Crew



HelloOooOoOo UTSC!! My name is Angie. I am in my final year completing a Specialist degree in Mental Health Studies. I am back for my 3rd year as a Move U member because I just can’t stay away… (from Kelly!!) My favourite hobby is playing Ultimate Frisbee – it’s a real sport, I know. My favourite foods are sushi, noodles, and bread. As you can tell, I live on a strict all-carb diet – NOT recommended.


Hi there! I’m Kelly and I’m a 3rd year student double majoring in Human Biology and Neuroscience! During my spare time I enjoy going on food trips, swimming, singing, playing the guitar and playing soccer!  It’s hard to say what my favourite food is because I enjoy eating everything xD. I joined MoveU because I enjoy being physically active and I want to help other students in adopting a healthier lifestyle! 




Heyoo, my name is Anna Huang and i’m in my 4th year of Media studies and Econ. My hobbies include eating food and playing with my dog Buddy, aka the love of my life. Some of my fav foods include Mangos, spicy rice cakes and Korean BBQ. (Can’t just choose one) I joined MoveU because I’m a huge advocate of study hard and play harder. I’ve found that playing sports or just being physically active is a great way to not only destress from your studies, but also improve productivity! I truly enjoy promoting such a great message to students! Also, I return every year because of all the free food we have at our events. 😉




Hi! My name is Mandy and this is my last year at UTSC. I’m doing a double major in Health Studies and City Studies, with hopes of pursuing a career in community development and health promotion. I enjoy hiking through park trails and going on long walks. I like mac n cheese but i’m actually lactose intolerant. I joined Move U back in my second year because I wanted to get more active myself. That mindset really helped me recognize the kind of activities and opportunities fellow students may be looking to get involved with.


Hey guys! My name is Justin Abrokwah and I’m a 4th year computer science student. I love to get outside and play some tennis and basketball. My favourite food definitely has to be lasagna 😍. Happy to be a part of the MoveU team because it brings me joy helping out fellow students!


Hi! I am Alyssa! I am in my 3rd year at UTSC doing a specialist in neuroscience. I enjoy reading, watching netflix, and eating!! I love Singaporean food, especially chicken rice. I chose to join MoveU because I enjoy playing sports like soccer, and spending time outdoors, and I want to share this passion for active living with my peers!



Hello! My name is Caitlin and I’m a 2nd year doing a major in health policy and a double minor in sociology and economics. Some of my hobbies include singing, cooking and hockey. I have lots of foods that I like but I’d say that by far, my favourite would be sushi. I joined MoveU for several reasons but the main reasons would be to get involved, get to know new people, and to teach other students that think there isn’t enough time to be “healthy”.


Hi! I’m Kirthana, a second year student doing a double major in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology. My hobbies include social deduction games, sports, and the arts. My favourite food is too hard to choose b/c it changes every day. I joined Move U to help students and staff stay healthy and happy during the year by participating in our fun events.


Hello, my name is Laszlo Olah, and I am currently in my second year of university in a psychology specialist program. My favorite food is chicken wings, and joined MoveU to spread the word of healthy living, and represent the Atheltics & Recreation to my best ability.



Olá mates! My name is Esma Boztas:) I am technically in my 3rd year, but as I am a transfer student from FL, it’s my 2nd year at UTSC. I am double majoring in psych and co-op public policy and minoring in critical migration studies. I have several hobbies but to keep it concise, I really enjoy trying new adventures, outdoor and indoor. It’s hard to say what my favourite food is but I’ll say I love Turkish cuisine! And PASTA (not plain!). Lastly, I joined MoveU because I wanted to be part of a fun and informative initiative oriented in helping people get active and make healthier choices:)





Hi! I’m Tristine I am a third year majoring in mental health and political science. This is my second year on moveU and I am also a part of SCAA. I am on the field hockey and lacrosse UTSC team, if you play any of these sports I can’t wait to play with you next sem! My favourite food is chicken wings (LOL HEALTHY) and I joined moveU because I want to be able to help other students enjoy there university experience.

First Year Representatives (FYR)


Rafiel Rajinthrakumar

Hi, my name is Rafiel Rajinthrakumar and I’m a first year student currently enrolled in English Co-op. My favourite food is home made pasta. I joined MoveU to help get rid of the stigma that university is solely an educational institution. I want to promote the balance between academics and physical activity, and remind students of all the different resources we have at UTSC to promote a healthy active lifestyle. I love soccer, and I’ve seen how much it’s helped me through life, so I wish to help students find their sport/activity and show them how much it can benefit their well-being.


Fatima Formuli

Hello! My name is Fatima Formuli and I’m in my first year of neuroscience. My favourite food is Qabli Palow (Afghan food is where its at). I joined MoveU because I believe in the cause! I think many students forget about their body’s right on them while they’re focused on their grades and as a result, they suffer both mentally and physically. As a first year, I’ve already felt the pressure of my studies weighing down on me but have great friends and resources that are helping me stay on my feet. As a rep I’d love to share this knowledge and learn how I can help fellow students reach their goals. I want to be a part of the mission to help students realize how much more fun their university experience can be if they balance their physical and mental wellbeing with their studies.

Tom Nguyen

Heyy! My name is Tom and I’m a first year student in Management Co-op. Favorite food? Hmm this is a tough one because there are too many!! Chicken wings, steak, sushi, dumblings, tacos, … My hobbies are working out, playing sports, watching netflix, and travelling. I joined MoveU because I feel like it best presents me as I am an active and outgoing person who’s always opened to meeting new people and making new friends.


Nisa Rahman

Hey I’m Nisa Rahman. Im a First year currently in the Specialist English program. My fav food is DEFINITELY lasagna! Love playing sports from soccer to swimming and I’m kinda competitive, but honestly nothing’s better than living a healthy lifestyle which is what MoveU is all about!