Our Crew

Welcome! On behalf of the Department of Athletics & Recreation and the MoveU UTSC crew, I’d like to thank you for stopping by our website to learn more about what MoveU is, all the amazing things we do, and the incredible people behind it. I am fortunate enough to be the primary MoveU correspondent from our department and work closely with the team. My name is Gabriela Estrada, but please call me Gaby. I was a UTSC undergraduate student up until 2015 and am now very fortunate to work for the same department that influenced my entire university career to be the best it could possibly be. During my time at UTSC, I played on our women’s soccer teams, was a student staff in a variety of roles, participated in as many athletics programs as possible, held a position on the SCAA, WISC, and was a run club leader; nowadays, you can find me either in the administration offices on the 3rd floor of the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, walking around the main campus, or coaching our Women’s Div. 2 soccer team in the evenings. I am a huge advocate for getting individuals of all fitness and ability levels involved in sport and physical activity (especially our self-identify female student population), and a physical literacy junkie. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you ever have any questions and make sure to say hi if you see me on campus or at one of our many amazing events!  – Gabriela Estrada

Hola! Ciao! Namaste! Bonjour! Hello and Welcome to our MoveU Team! My name is Sylwia (or just Syl) and I am the MoveU Coordinator for the 2017-2018 year. Currently, I am entering my third year at UTSC, specializing in International Development with a double minor in Environmental Science and Socio-Cultural Anthropology. As coordinator, it is my duty and, I believe, my responsibility to work alongside my amazing team to help not only students but the community to gain a greater appreciation for a healthy and active lifestyle.  Nevertheless, it is important to realize that we, as a team, are individuals that are still growing and learning yet, as a whole, we are stronger than ever and we promise to deliver our absolute best. I personally enjoy staying physically active by going for dog walks with the family, kayaking with friends, going to the gym, doing mixed martial arts or exploring new. I highly recommend finding a buddy (or a MoveU member) and trying something new. Thanks for checking out our page and I hope to see you at our events or just having a great time around campus. Enjoy! – Sylwia Pucek

Hello! My name is Gaby and I am going into my last year at UTSC, pursuing a specialist in Psychology and a minor in Food Studies. My favorite spot on campus has to be either the TPASC fitness center or the Valley. I enjoy incorporating physical activity into every aspect of my life. I have a newfound love for the Rouge trails, where I take my dog on weekly walks; I also continue to maintain a passion for powerlifting! There are so many benefits for being active, so I encourage you all to get moving. – Gaby Zhou

Hey hey! I see you’ve stumbled upon our MoveU page. Let me introduce myself: my name is Sandra and I am currently in my 3rd year studying City Studies and Sociology at UTSC. I love sleeping – I can probably stay in my bed all day but somehow I can never get enough sleep. This is my second year on MoveU and I decided to join again because of all the fun I had helping out at events and seeing our ideas come to life. Being apart of MoveU has opened so many doors and I guarantee you that coming to our events can do the same for you. Other than our events, you can probably find me in the weight room at TPASC, library or in line at Timmies. If you see me, make sure to say hi! I love making new friends. A friendly reminder to make sure that you take breaks by getting out of your seat from studying to move – taking a walk in the valley is a great example. You’ll love it! – Sandra Ye

Hola! My name is Arika and I am a third-year student at UTSC, studying Biochemistry and Environmental science (and Biology as a minor). I am super excited to be a part of MoveU again this year; I can’t wait to help and play a bigger role this year as your MoveU Social Media Rep! I love playing sports and I am still learning how to ice-skate, so someone please teach me – haha! I always try to go to the gym or play soccer when I am free. If you’re ever looking for someone to go to gym/play sports with, let me know! – Arika Hisatsune

Sup y’all. Name’s Ratnesh – Nagarjun Ratnesh. I am going into my 3rd year at UTSC, where I am studying Stats. I enjoy going to the TPASC, either to hit the gym, play badminton or play basketball. I like to stay active all the time; it doesn’t really matter what I am doing, as long as I am doing something. I joined MoveU to inspire others to do the same, cause y’all know a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which in turn leads to a healthy GPA. There is your motivation to get active – now,  stop reading this and goMoveU 😉 – Nagarjun Ratnesh


Hi! My name is Justin and I’m a second year Co-op student at UTSC, studying Computer Science. I hope to share my love for sports with you through MoveU. Loyal Raptors fan since 2002 (next year’s our year, I swear). I enjoy listening to all types of music, playing video games and, of course, getting outside to exercise.  – Justin Abrokwah

Hey, everyone! My name is Katherine and I’m a second year Co-op Management student (specialist in Finance) at UTSC. I am a badminton enthusiast; for the past 12 years, badminton has become a huge part of my life, it makes me stay alive and be energetic all the time. Although balancing academic life, work life and normal life is hard, I can still make time for my favorite sports. I also enjoy trying new sports and looking for new adventures. During my first year, I started going to the gym and continue to learn some basic skills of tennis. I enjoy all these moments being involved with sport – this is why I am part of MoveU. I have been with MoveU for a year now and really enjoy being on a team of many talents. This is a great platform for me to do something I like; also, working with a group of people who have the same passion as me always bring me happiness and motivation. If you want to stay active and be passionate about your life, come to join us! – Katherine Gao

Hi there! I’m Andy, but you can also call me the Junger. I’m currently a third-year student at UTSC, studying Health Studies and Psychology.  I’m super excited to be part of the MoveU crew this year and to be working with such amazing people. I enjoy going to the gym whenever I have spare time and I especially love playing ultimate frisbee with friends.  During the winter, I always go snowboarding; I’m actually a snowboard instructor so if you want to learn, just let me know! A final food for thought: always stay active! – Andy Jung


Hello, everyone! I’m Gloria, a final year student at UTSC in the Management and International Business program. After quite a period away from school, I’m finally back and ready to help organize some fun events with MoveU this year. As much as I like to sleep (and nap), I also like to get my daily dose of vitamin D by going out for a quick walk or jog down in the valley. Balancing school, work, and life, in general, is not always the easiest. That’s why I like to stay active and keep moving. – Gloria Meng 


Hey there! My name is Madeleine and I’m currently in my third year here at UTSC, where I’m majoring in Neuroscience and Mental Health Studies and completing a minor in French. If you’re looking for me, you’ll either find me on the soccer field playing or running around the track at TPASC. Running is one of my many passions, alongside Netflix, yoga, tennis, and studying. If you’re ever looking for a friend to run or play some tennis with, hit me up! I joined MoveU because of my love for physical activity, something I can’t wait to share with all of you. Hope to see you at one of our many events this year! – Madeleine Weichel

Hi! My name is Mandy and I am a second-year student at UTSC, majoring in Health Studies and City Studies. In my spare time, I often cycle outdoors as I enjoy feeling the wind in my hair and the sunshine on my face. When I am stressed, sitting on the swings at the park or laying on the grass melts away all my problems, even if only for a while. Sometimes staying indoors just makes me feel trapped; nonetheless, I look forward to spending more time moving about and to see everyone who will be coming out to our MoveU events happening throughout the year! – Mandy Yung

Hello there! My name is Justin, aka Yung Chung. I’m in my second year at UTSC, studying Mental Health and Health Studies. This is my first group that I am apart of at UTSC and I’m very excited to be a part of this year’s MoveU team! I love anything that’s a game, especially if it includes throwing stuff or running. I can’t wait to serve UTSC and see all of you at MoveU events and booths! – Justin Chung


Hello, everyone! My name is Sharon Nyarko. I’m Ghanaian and in my second year specializing in International Development (Science). I love that I have been given the chance to align my passion for mental and physical health advocacy with the broader goals of MoveU, and look forward to improving plans for student fitness and drive. I also love amazing visuals and creative direction, the thrill of spontaneous adventure, digital storytelling, dress shirts, cooking, and tennis—it is the most remarkable sport. Don’t @ me. Huge Nole & Serena stan. – Sharon Nyarko

Hi! My name is Nidusha Nithiananthan and in my second year at UTSC studying Management, specializing in Finance or Entrepreneurship. I’m so excited to be a part of the MoveU Crew this year to help and plan our amazing events, as well as to get students physically active. My favorite way of moving is going for a run at least once a day to help start off the day. Majority of the times, you’ll catch me outside running in the Valley, around campus, and at TPASC. If you ever need a running buddy, I’m always down to run: I will literally drop anything I’m doing just to go for a run because running is life! Fun fact: aside from the books and running, I am a youth advocate and feminist. I write and perform spoken word on global issues I’m passionate about, such as Women’s Rights, Education for Children, poverty and a whole lot more! When you’re passionate and committed, you’ll never give up reaching for the highest. Get ready UTSC, for an awesome year of Move U! – Nidusha Nithiananthan

Hey! I’m Laith AlSayed and I’m a first year student at UTSC in the IDS co-op program. A former competitive runner, I’m a big medium/long distance running enthusiast and am down to run any day with anyone up for it. I also enjoy hiking, climbing, and exploring natural and new environments. I live for adventure and it’s athletic activities, like running, that have changed my life forever. I wish to be a valuable new contribution to MoveU and hope we all have an exciting year ahead of us. – Laith AlSayed

Hello everyone! I’m Kelly and I’m in my first year at UTSC in the Life Sciences Program. I enjoy playing soccer, tennis and swimming. Whenever I get stressed, you can usually find me swimming laps in the pool or at the gym. Fun fact: I speak French! So, if anyone of you want someone to speak French with, just hit me up! – Kelly Chan

Hi everyone! My name is Farah and I am a first year student at UTSC studying Public Policy. I am super excited to be a part of the MoveU team because I want to encourage people to be physically active and help them find physical activities that work for them. This year, I’m taking a badminton class with the Department of Athletics & Recreation at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) – it’s super fun! Be sure to check out TPASC if you haven’t already: it’s AMAZING and the staff members are super nice! – Farah Rahim