Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoveU?

  • MoveU is a tri-campus initiative that was created in partnership with participation to help encourage students and community member across all three U of T campus’ to stay active and healthy both mentally and physically. MoveU is made up of of student volunteers who love to stay active and promote the benefits of physical activity and healthy living to the student body at UTSC. The Athletics and Recreation Department initiated the MoveU group and also assists with it’s coordination.

Why Does MoveU exist?

  • To help get the UTSC student body and community more active and become more knowledgeable about health and fitness.

Can I join MoveU?

  • ABSOLUTELY! Throughout the year we are always planning a variety of events, check out our event page if you don’t believe us. Due to the variety of events we host we require lots of volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering to help plan, coordinate or execute and event PLEASE visit our home page for volunteer opportunities.  If you want to become a formal member of our team and get one of our snazzyy shirts we recruit for our team ONCE throughout the year in March. So get your resumes ready and show us why we should hire you to become a part of our team.To volunteer for upcoming events, please contact us at Volunteering for events is flexible depending on your schedule and at the end of the term, volunteers receive a letter from UTSC’s Athletics and Recreation Department to add to their portfolio.

I haven’t been to the Gym a lot. Is there someone that can teach me how to get started?

  • The front desk in the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre is available to give tours around the gym facilities. Also, their are a variety of facility assistants available to show you how to use any equipment, JUST ASK! We PROMISE they are all really friendly! 🙂 Did you know? If you’re a student at UTSC, the fees to use the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre are included in your tuition? All you need is your T-Card! Have you seen that facility its BEAUTIFUL!! Take advantage and drop by for a visit.
  • For a free personal consultation, check (

I want to attend events run by MoveU. Where do I go for more information?

  • You are already in the right place! Click on the events tab to see upcoming events, as well as information on our past events we update the page regularly. You can also find our events and check out the latest news on our social media platforms @moveutsc on Instagram and on Facebook.

I want to learn about healthy eating and how to use the gym on campus to stay healthy. Can MoveU help me with those goals?

  • Yes, MoveU can help you with those goals. We will hold many seminars and events throughout the year to educate you about healthy living topics. These topics will include information about choosing healthy foods, using the recreation centre, finding ways to exercise without having to go to the gym, staying active and alert in the classroom, and so on. If you have any topics you would like us to cover, email us at
  • If you are looking to stay healthy through running, check out SneakerSquad. 

Are MoveU and UTSC Athletics & Recreation the same?

Do I have to pay to attend MoveU events and seminars?

  • No, all MoveU events are absolutely free of charge unless otherwise noted.

I am a member of another club/group on campus and would like MoveU to run an exercise or seminar for our event how can I collaborate with MoveU for future events?

  • Please contact us through e-mail at and we will be happy to meet with you and your group about possible collaborations.