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Team Coordinator: Sylwia Pucek


If you are interested in volunteering or collaborating with MoveU, please contact Sylwia at

Athletics & Recreation liason:

Gabriela Estrada
Program Assistant
Athletics and Recreation
Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
875 Morningside Avenue
Toronto, ON, Canada
M1C 0C7

Phone: (416) 283-1739




Athletics & Recreation Department sports/instructional & group fitness classes/ aquatics programs / nutrition & exercise counseling/ facility schedules / rock climbing Website: (416) 283-3211MoveU Website:
Getting Involved Want to become a Personal Trainer Can-Fit-Pro: www.canfitpro.comCanadian Society For Exercise Physiology:’s Authority on Fitness:
Health & Wellness Centre Counselling/ eating disorders/ nurse/ family doctors/ nutrition/ vaccinations/ Wellness peer programs Website: – 287-7065
Accessibility Department Note takers / learning disabilities / physical and mental health concerns Website: – 287- 7553
Sustainability Department Bikeshare / Garden Email: 2679
Downtown U of T McIntosh Clinic McIntosh Sport MedicinePhysiotherapy/ orthopedic surgeons/ chiropractor/ sport injuries & enquiries (416) 978- 3436
Health Canada Physical Activity Guidelines (CSEP) Website:
Registered Dieticians Nutrition Websites  Suicide/ Mental Health Issues    Eatright Ontario:
Mobile Crisis Program  Good 2 TalkSelf

Help resource centre (peer support)


(416) -487-4355

Eating Disorder Help Centenary Hospital Crisis UnitNEDIC(drugs/nutrition/gambling/ addictions) (416)-289- 2434(416) 281- 7323 ext.41011-866 NEDIC-20/