Sneaker Squad

Reap the benefits of aerobic exercise with UTSC’s running club, Sneaker Squad. Meeting on a weekly basis, Sneaker Squad is a drop-in program brought to you by student leaders whose main objective is to help students at UTSC achieve their fitness goals. Each program is catered to the student! We recommend that students meet 5-10 minutes before start time to have our leaders assess your fitness and fitness goals and to store your personal belongings. If you require accommodations please e-mail us outlining your accessibility needs in the outlined e-mail below. All fitness levels welcomed.


  • Scheduled runs 2x a week
  • Mix and Mingle with food and summer activities in the valley


  • Fall/Winter kick-off: Mix and Mingle
  • Scheduled runs 3x a week through fall
  • SNOWSHOEING in the valley!