MoveU 2020-2021 Volunteers

Join the 2020-2021 MoveUTSC team! MoveU is a tri-campus initiative at the University of Toronto with teams on the St. George, Scarborough and Mississauga campuses. At MoveU, our goal is to encourage physical activity and promote a healthy active lifestyle while allowing students to explore their environment and interact with their peers.

MoveU Crew members are UTSC student volunteers who are passionate about physical activity and living a healthy active lifestyle, looking to engage and inspire others. The role of the MoveU Crew Member is to support the MoveU campaign, educate students on the benefits related to physical activity, assist in the planning, promotion, and execution of MoveU events, and encourage the UTSC community to try new sports and activities through creative events and programming. This position is located at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus for students looking to get involved with MoveU, build leadership and event planning skills, and leave a legacy at UTSC.

MoveU Crew Members are required to do the following:

  1. Complete compulsory 2-3 day training (scheduled between June-August 2020, dates TBD)
  2. Attend/participate and plan at least 5 MoveU workshops/seminars/special events throughout the school year
  3. Attend weekly meetings with the MoveU team and coordinator
  4. Communicate promptly through e-mail/social media on a regular basis
  5. Assist with promotion of the MoveU Campaign and it’s events through social media and reaching out to their own network
  6. Encourage students to participate in programming put on by the Department of Athletics & Recreation, as well as other enjoyable physical activity and sports

In return, MoveU agrees to do the following:

  1. Provide student volunteers with leadership opportunities
  2. Train them on the benefits of physical activity, basic nutrition information, how to plan events, and provide them with mentorship when possible
  3. Support students in identifying themselves as a MoveU Crew Member on their resume. Reference letters can be provided as needed.
  4. Provide all crew members with MoveU Swag
  5. CCR accreditation

•Event planning skills
•Basic knowledge of benefits of physical activity and wellness
•Good communication skills, public speaking and interpersonal skills
•Creative thinking, strategic planning, time management and ability to problem solve
•Leadership & professionalism
•Some knowledge of Athletics & Recreation Department and programs

Education: Must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto Scarborough

We ask that all interested applicants please fill out a Google Form application and submit their resume via e-mail to, with the subject as: MoveU Volunteer Application, 2020. 

Applications are due on Tuesday, March 31st by 11:59pm.