MoveU Ambassador

Are you interested in getting involved with MoveU? Looking to be a part of the team? Then look no further!

MoveU is looking to recruit Ambassadors to add to their team. MoveU Ambassadors are UTSC students who are passionate about physical activity and living a healthy active lifestyle, looking to engage and inspire others. The role of the MoveU Ambassador is to support the MoveU campaign, promote MoveU events through their own social media channels, and motivate the UTSC community. This is an independent position created at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus for students looking to leave a legacy and get involved with MoveU with minimal responsibilities.

MoveU Ambassadors are required to do the following:

  1. Attend mandatory training sessions scheduled for the beginning of the Winter Semester
  2. Attend a minimum of 1 MoveU event per semester
  3. Assist with promotion of the MoveU Campaign and it’s events through social media and reaching out to their own network
  4. Wear MoveU Ambassador swag with pride
  5. Align with the MoveU Campaign’s values and goals

In return, MoveU agrees to do the following:

  1. Profile successful applicants as MoveU Ambassadors on the MoveUTSC website and promote personal accomplishments on social media
  2. Support you in identifying yourself as a MoveU Ambassador on your resume. Reference letters can be provided as needed.
  3. Provide ambassadors with MoveU swag.

Application Process

Interested applicants must fill in an online Google form that can be found below. All applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail that their application has been received. The application process will be open year-round to interested candidates. Ambassador recruitment will primarily be in September and January, with applications due prior to in order to be considered for those recruitment periods. Successful candidates will be contacted via e-mail.

Questions? Please e-mail