Public Law

The Ontario Public Service (OPS), through the Ministry of the Attorney General, employs lawyers across the Government of Ontario. No matter what your interest is, we are one of the few organizations that can offer you the advantages of a large law practice and, at the same time, the benefits of a small boutique practice. With the support of experienced and highly qualified counsel, you will be engaged in exciting work and take on responsibility early in your career.

Toronto Police Service: The Chief's Community Advisory Council (CAC) and the Chief's Youth Advisory Committee (CYAC) exist to provide a voice for various community representatives, from business through to social agencies and spanning the various diverse communities as well as youth on a wide variety of issues.

BARD CCE: The Center for Civic Engagement plays a central role in assisting students in securing internships and providing other opportunities to learn and grow. CCE coordinates with numerous partners on campus, and an array of off-campus programs both stateside and abroad, featuring numerous internship opportunities. Additionally, CCE spearheads the Community Action Awards. These awards provide funding for more than 50 students annually who are pursuing pre-professional experience and community action projects that address issues related to the field of civic engagement.

North Atlantic Treasury Organization: There are two types of Internship opportunities at the Alliance: the NATO-Funded and the GRANT-funded Internship Programme. The NATO-funded Internship Programme gives opportunity to a wide range of candidates, while the other opportunity is open for those, whose work is supported from outside sources. And while Candidates interested in a GRANT-funded opportunity can apply throughout the year, the call for the NATO-funded opportunity is open only once per year in Spring.

Amnesty International Canada offers occasional internship opportunities for students and recent graduates in London UK, and domestically in Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver. Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization focused on human rights focused on research and generating action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court offers an internship program for students interested in learning more about the International Criminal Court, international law, the United Nations, the role of NGOs in the development and promotion of human rights and other related issues. The dynamic environment made possible by a global campaign involving thousands of large and small NGOs, governments, the United Nations, academics and others allows numerous educational and professional learning opportunities.

FFIPP: In previous years’ FFIPP summer program saw students from more many universities in Europe, USA and Canada coming together for the summer internship. The students were divided into various locations where they lived in groups, depending on the location of their internships. In 2016 the Internships took place in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Beit Sahur, Tel Aviv, Hebron and the Negev. The type of internships were varied: from human rights and just peace, to working in refugee camps, reporting for journals and media outlets, and teaching children.

The NATO Association of Canada provides a forum for Canadians to learn about and discuss Canada’s role in NATO and our contribution to international trade, peace, and security. The Association offers unpaid internship opportunities for young Canadians between the ages of 18 and 30.

The Office of Public Affairs offers internships that provide undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to work in a fast-paced government communications office.
As the principal point of contact for the Department of Justice with the news media, the office is responsible for ensuring that the public is informed about the department’s activities, and the priorities and policies of the Attorney General with regard to law enforcement and legal affairs.